Cell phones and manners don’t mix – part deux

To continue on with my rant from yesterday…..

Incident #4 – Customer service

Don’t you know one day a few weeks ago when I went into McDonalds, the person behind the register was on their phone and had the nerve to tell ME to hold on??!?!?! So I waited to see if they were on the phone with someone important but when I heard the magic words “guurrrrrrrrl”, that was it. I went right to the manager. The worker got pissed…Deal with it.

Incident #5 – Ringtones

Look I don’t mind ringtones or that ringback shit but do you have to let the WHOLE song play before you answer your phone? This dude that works at my job has that R. Kelly song that I hate as his ringtone. “I’m a flirt”. How playalistically wack is that?!?!?!

Incident #6 – You’re too young

Somebody tell me WHY in the name of cell phones does a family member of someone I know who just turned 12 (the big 1-2) get a TREO for their birthday. A Treo? Are you kidding me? What does a 12 year old need a Treo for?!?! Why get your 12 year old a phone that costs $300? My daughter is 5. She asked me for a cell phone the other day. Said someone in her class (read: Kindegarten) has one. I said – that’s nice. You want daddy to get you a cell phone? She says yes. I said okay. I go to the cabinet. Pull out 2 paper cups and a string. Go to the other end of the room and say here you go. Free long distance. Unlimited calls. Put a hole in the cup and say “ch-chick” and you got a camera phone.

Incident #7 – They’re not just phones.

They are now mobile multi-media devices. Phones, cameras, music, video and now damn tv and shit on the phone. Great. I can see kids now watching tv shows in class. All that shit on the phone and people abuse it. I’m on the metro the other day and this girl takes out her phone and plays her mp3’s that she had on it. LOUD.

Incident #8 – OMG IDK My BFF Jill…..

These damn shorthand text message shit drives me nuts. All those damn shortcuts for words. I don’t know what half that crap means. I feel like the lady in this commercial sometimes…By the way, this shit is hilarious…..

Incident #9 – The old heads

I don’t know about you guys and your parents but I must have Mr. Cell Phone Technical Support written over my face because anytime there’s a problem with my mother’s cell phone, I’m the first one that gets the call. “Baby, my phone battery low”…”Uhh ma, did you try charging it”…..That’s what it used to be like. Now, she’s trying to be all high tech. Got cameras and crap on her phone and asking me the questions. “How do you take a picture?” “How do you send a picture?” and the best one yet…..”Are you IN?” Damnnit…..I love the old heads though. I give them credit for at least trying to embrace technology…..

I’m sure there are many more incidents……these are the ones I thought of.  Holla if you know of more….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 15, 2007.

11 Responses to “Cell phones and manners don’t mix – part deux”

  1. *ROFL* @ 2 paper cups and a string! Put a whole in it to make it a camera phone.
    Oh god! I can’t catch my breathe Fresh!
    I’m so onboard with this. Ya’ll, I couldn’t use the phone without permission until I was 13, extension in my room at 15 but no calls after 9, my own number when I got my first apartment and a cell phone at 24 when I could afford the bill!

  2. lol with TDJ

    Not only could I not use the phone without permission but since my mom was THAT mom, if someone called pass a certain hour…she would just hang up on them. No explanation…no nothing…just hang the shit up on ’em. The “certain hour” changed depending on her mood that day…so you just never knew!

    Kids with cellphones…I can’t believe your daughter is in kindergarten and one of her classmates has one…sheeeeeeesh!

  3. You pulled a Daddy Divine with the paperclip! Your a great Dad!

    Rev. Momma is okay with the phone but her square husband bought her a new laptop with Vista on it. Now look for real, that program is confusing and all kinds of hidden buttons. I don’t use Vista, I am still on Windows XP. Why did he do that to her and why did he do that to me? She can’t send files that can be opened. She don’t know how to save stuff.

    But since she is a Reverend, boy she got the streaming church programs down packed. I walk in the house and church is on TV and the laptop. Dog Gone It!

  4. You are a nut!
    LOL@Camera Phone

    I fux witcha all day every fam.

  5. OMG the bitch at McDonald’s was talking on her cell at THE REGISTER?


    P.S. You mom sounds like my grandma with her cell phone!

    I taught her how to text message though when I was back East!!!!! ROFL! She was so excited!

  6. People on the cell while on the toilet at work

    I can’t even relieve myself in peace!!!

  7. Lmao!!!!!!!!! Too funny…I remember begging for a beeper and only getting one when everyone else had a cellphone…..lol

    Now my 10 yr old son has a cellphone and asking for a laptop…just because someone in his class has their own laptop…..like they have a damn job and need to have access everywhere….when does it end…..

  8. Not the cameraphone…LOL

    crazy azz.

  9. A 12-year-old got a friggin’ Treo. Damn!!!!!!! I find it annoying enough that kids are pedaling past me on bicycles with cellphones more expensive than mine.

    I LMAO about the paper cups. That’s a move that would make Cosby or “Michael Kyle” proud.

    BTW, funniest cellphone situation I’ve ever seen… a ticket scalper was riding an old ass ten-speed, while talking on a cell phone and holding a cardboard sign that said, “Need ticketz?”

  10. I only got a cellphone a few years ago while I was in college, and that was because I could pay the bill.

    LMAOOOOOOO @ paper cups.

    Warning to self: Do not read fresh’s blog with food in mouth. LOL

  11. #4: You live in Detroit too? I bet it was that same dumb cow…

    #5: whack in the extreme. Although I did love my “Imperial March” when I had an electronic choke chain myself.

    #6: ROFLMAO @ ch-chick!!!!!! I am gonna have to use that on my 17 year old with the mass overages! Most of the pics on her phone are of a dog I hate anyway!

    #7: They are turning into the new cigarette.

    #8: That shit is hilarious!!! My question is Why the hell do you need OUTGOING text messaging ability on a PHONE? Don’t plan minutes cost less than text messages? When did talking go out of style?

    #9: Your mom MUST know my dad. He bought this high tech phone that cost him $300. Always tells me he don’t know how to work that thing. When I make stuff work on HIS phone, he asks me “How the hell you do that?” Then looks at me like I just did magic and am one of the Charmed Ones or something. Like he could ever forget I am a genius!!! He had a computer longer than me and still can’t get e-mail down.

    Speaking of cell phones and bikes… Nah. I gotta post that one on my own site!

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