Cell Phones and Manners don’t mix…

I hope all the mama and future mama’s and those contemplating mama-hood had an enjoyable and pleasant day.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…..

Isn’t it amazing how people are attached to their cell phones? I mean sure I gotta check my email at times and all that but I would not consider myself attached in the form of addiction…….

Even more amazing though is how RUDE people can be with their cell phones.

It’s only Monday but I’ve encountered enough incidents today that made me want to grab the person’s cell phone and toss those sh*ts in to the next river.

Incident #1 – The idiot who ANSWERS their cell phones during a meeting.

You’re in a meeting and someone’s phone rings (even worse when it’s an annoying ass ring tone – who the hell wants to hear BAAAAAALLLLINNNN’ – when your phone rings). This dumb ass answers his phone and proceeds to whisper a conversation. Whispers should be quiet. He’s all loud. “Man, you shoulda went. That join’ crankin’ joe” WHAT?!?! C’mon man. Is it that important?

Incident #2 – Chirpers

If I hear one more of you Nextel chirping mofo’s conversation, I’m gonna lose it. Bleep. Bleep Bleep. Soundin’ like the damn RoadRunner. Do that chirping shit in private. P-R-I-VATE. OK? I’m in line this morning getting my egg sammich and the dude in front of me is a chirper. BLEEP. Then I hear this convo….”Hey baby”…BLEEP “Wasssup” BLEEP BLEEP “Where you at?” “BLEEP BLEEP “At the deli getting something to eat” BLEEP BLEEP “Hurry up baby. My p*ssy wet for you” BLEEP BLEEP

OK, WTF?!?! Did I need to hear that? No.

Incident #3 – The so-called Multitaskers

Despite what you may think, there are a lot of people who CAN NOT do two things at once. Not walk and chew gum. Not rub their tummies and pat their head. NOTHING. NADA. NOPE. Can’t be done. They are just physically and mentally challenged.

So if you’re one of these people, why on Earth would you try and drive and talk on your cell phone at the same time? For those without a headset, you drive slower, your reflexes are slower because you’re all up in the convo. You get lost and then I hear something like “Oh shoooot” on the phone cause you missed your turn. What my co-worker tell me? She said oh Fresh, those headsets are not sexy on women. Who the FUGG tryna be sexy while they driving? Hell, I would think you’re trying to get to your destination..ALIVE.

And text messaging and Blackberry?!?!? LAWD. True story. I saw a lady stay at a light when it turned green because she had to return an email. She actually yelled back at the people honking her ass. My car got hit about 2 years ago while I was on the highway (going slow) So I asked her what happened. I mean how you can hit me, we’re in traffic, barely moving. She said she was replying to a text message. And the latest one….just now…coming back from lunch….we get the sista on her cell phone crossing the street of a busy intersection yet there’s a big ass red hand which usually means DON’T WALK. Think she listened?!?!?! Too much for me to deal…..

I’m sure you have some stories or hell maybe you’re just one of those people…..

More to come tomorrow……


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 14, 2007.

9 Responses to “Cell Phones and Manners don’t mix…”

  1. Hey…I am a proud crackberry user. I try my best not to use it while driving though. I swear!!!!!

    I am traumatized by that overheard deli conversation though…UGH!

  2. @1969 – Hell even I’m guilty of a returned text message or two while driving but to hold up a light…..that’s ridiculous.

  3. Ugggh the chirp sh*t is the worst.
    Hey. What u doin?
    Nothing what u doin?
    Nothin’. You sleepin?
    No watching TV. What u doin?
    I’ll tell u what ur doing? You’re gettin’ on my nerves.

    1969 – u try your best, huh? LOL

    *guilty of texting/talking while driving. Especially if I’m getting good gossip, or somethin’ dirty…LOL

    You know what scares me tho? The people that are proposing to make cell phone use available on an airplane. Captive with ^^^chirp conversation for 2 to 6 hours? I will sit in the bathroom. The whole time.

  4. ROTFLMAO!!! and I don’t use my crackberry while driving..ONLY WHEN STOPPED 🙂 lmao and I’m a chirper!!!! BUT ONLY IN PRIVATE..don’t need nobody hearing shyt!!! LOL LMAO @ that chirp convo doe.. da hell u get your breakfast???? LOL

  5. Fresh you would not make it one day at my part-time gig. The best is when they come up to my register in the midst of a cellphone convo, I just stand there and give them a DEAD ass stare.

    Just yesterday dude starts his conversation as I started to ring him up. Ok, so am waiting for him to pay and he proceeds to put his credit card on the counter and continue his convo. Well, guess what the credit card is not gonna swipe itself just sitting on the counter. He talks, I wait, he talks and I wait some more till someone online asked him (not so kindly) to swipe his fing card and stop holding up the line.

    The conversations I hear are just mind boggling.

  6. Incident #1…completely agree with you. I’m at meetings where multiple people are on the blackberries, cellphones and laptops. It’s just an hour meeting…seems completely unnecessary…but my co-workers can’t live without their leashes!!

    Incident #2…Seems to me that what ole girl said was less for her man and more for the other Bitch her man MIGHT have been with!

    Incident #3…I HATE these people. These are the people that walk in front of you while on the phone and you damn near trip over them, because they can’t talk and walk!!

    I think there should be cellphone ettiquette courses REQUIRED before you can buy a cellphone device of any kind!!

    Of course I am a perfect example of a person with manners when on MY phone. 😀

  7. “Hurry up baby. My p*ssy wet for you” BLEEP BLEEP

    *ALways; that was ME! I am sorry! You know hows I do it….I makes it do what it does! Just all out and blunt with the moistness announcements via Nextel! Bwwwhaaaaaa*

  8. I can’t stand the chirpers and how some of them actually have the nerve to get mad when you ask them to quiet down!

  9. And then them damn chirpers got the damn nerve to ask you what your damn problem is when you listen to their damn conversation, like you got a damn choice in the matter in the first damn place!!!

    Damn they make me mad!!!!

    But #2 takes the cake!!!!

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