Respect Due: Ma dukes

I was going to write about something else. In fact I had already started it but then I realized I need to honor someone. Pay homage to someone dear to me. Respect Due. Ma dukes (for those who don’t know it’s a slang term) aka Mamma Fresh aka My Mommy aka My Role Model aka My Superhero.

Huh? Yes My Superhero.

Superman may be able to leap across tall building in a single bound. My mother can top that. She raised a knucklehead boy in NYC by herself. Superman would’ve passed out after the 5th year.

My mom never complains. She just does it. She’s a fighter.

She put me through college by herself with working two jobs. One in the city. The other at Alexanders in Kings Plaza. All to keep me in school . At the time, she had only had a high school diploma (from Sheepshead Bay of all schools 🙂 )

How are you gonna teach that boy how to be a man? That undying question she always got asked. When I was younger, she kept me around family. When I started dabbling in the streets, she put me in sports and became my biggest cheerleader. She talked to me about what women like (boy, the first thing a woman look at is your shoes) and what they don’t like. She taught me respect. She taught me how to listen first, talk last. Not to be conceited, I’d say my mother can answer that question pretty well right now with confidence.

I had never seen my mom cry until the day she dropped me off at college. I looked out the window and she was walking to the car. She was crying. Tears of joy.

I don’t see my mom too much anymore now. We live in different cities. I can’t get that woman to leave NYC for the life of me 🙂 I’m in MD. But we have a routine. We talk every Sunday. She comes down when she can. I go up when I can. It gives me nothing but joy to see my mom love and play my daughter. It’s like she’s been re-invented. My daughter is her fountain of youth.

It’s hard enough to raise children with both parents and there are so many of you out there doing it by yourself. Words can not express the admiration I have for you because each of you remind me of my mom in so many ways. Mother’s are special. Cherish your time with your children. They remember every minute of it.

When I graduated from college, I gave my degree to her. She deserved it. Turns out, that inspired her. She went back to school. My mom now has her MBA.

Inspiration. That’s the key word.

She’s my inspiration.

To all of the mother’s out there who are taking care of their kids, not complaining and being the foundation of a family…I say…Thank You. Enjoy your Mother’s Day.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 11, 2007.

6 Responses to “Respect Due: Ma dukes”

  1. Respect to Mama Fresh!!!

    I loved going through Blog land and reading about all of the moms. These women are phenomenal and they raised some great kids. Give your Mrs. a big hug for me….

  2. And why am I LMAO at the translation of Ma Dukes from Brooklyn Ebonics into standard English?

  3. lol @ Ma Dukes.. yo I ain’t heard that in YEARS!!!! or Moms Dukes.. LOL hahaaa

    You talking bout we got you shedding tears.. you got me shedding one!!!! your mom sounds amazing.. reminds me of my own moms.. 🙂 I tell ya boy us knuckleheads from BK turned out ok!!! Happy Mother’s day to your Mom and to your wife!!!

  4. Happy Mother’s day to your mom, she did a hell of a job.

  5. Simple and perfect!

  6. Beautiful post, Fresh.

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