All this love…(for a fee)

With all this talk about loyalty and people snitching or not snitching, how come no one has brought up the term when the talk about the Deborah Palfrey a.k.a the DC Madam??

This lady has got politicians and other high ranking officials in the Washington DC area straight shook cause she said she was going to expose their identity to the public. People are NER-VOUS. For a split second, she has some serious power. She’s got dudes by the balls. (every single pun intended). People are resigning. getting fired. I guess she’s like if I go down, I’m taking people with me. For the record, she claims to just introduce people. What happens after that is up to them.

Okay hold up……..

Let’s examine this from the MALE perspective.

**NOTE: Any views expressed in the following scenario are strictly those of the author and not necessarily Always. Funky.Fresh

Back to the scenario: Let’s say I’m a politician…Senator Fresh. I’m working on the Hill and stressing. Trying to get my new policy/law passed that prohibits black men over the age of 30 from wearing corn rows. But the rest of my constituents are giving me grief. I’m working late hours. I’m debating on the floor. I’m fighting for the people that elected me. You know, true politician sh*t. LOL. So during one of the sessions, Senator Jenkins slides me this card and says to call Janet Jacme and Associates. He told me they give good massages. Hmmmmm?!?!?!?! Now I could go to Red Door Spa or go home and ask the wifey but Senator Jenkins said he “highly” recommends them. He said they’ll “blow” my mind. So I call, make an appointment but they want to meet me at an undisclosed location. I get there and this bad attractive woman answers. She says her name is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola gets me undressed and begins to give me a full body massage. She notices that my towel has a “hard” time staying on and asks me if I want the “special”. Now if a guy is getting a full body massage from somebody named Coca-Cola who’s body is shaped like a Coke bottle and is now feeling it and gets asked about the special, what you think he’s gonna say? 9 times out of 10, the answer is yes. Special Me!!!!

This whole thing is comedy to me. Pure jokes.

Where is her sense of loyalty? Didn’t she read the Escorts Code of Ethics?!?! Page 22, Law # 230 – Thou shalt not disclose any information about your clients!!!!! She’s fuggin’ up! Can she get reported to the BBB?

Imagine if Peaches went public about the time that I *ahem* my boy met her at the spot for a “massage”. That would be foul.

Now we going have to institute contracts with the “no snitchin” clause. This is some bullshuckas.

Why are people getting all worked up over this?

They act like the government and sex are enemies. Those two have been best friends for a long ass time. Didn’t George Washington or Thomas Jefferson have a mistress? President Harding? Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe…Ummm…did we all forget the blue dress and the “I did not have sexual relations” comment?!?!?! Just because they are politicians doesn’t mean that they are holier than thou. They lie and cheat just like everyone else, if not more. Who cares?!?!? Did that make Clinton a bad president cause he got some head?! No. Hell, if Dubya got some, we might be in a better place right now. Real talk.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “All this love…(for a fee)”

  1. But why should she get arrested and lose her sole means of income alone? If she’s going down, all of you repeat clients that kept the business going….will be going down too.

    She made that threat and I bet you that somehow she gets off or that list of hers dissappears quietly. She ain’t crazy. LOL

  2. Fresh get out of my head. I always tell people that if Bush gets a good blow job we would have a budget surplus and no damn war. LMAOOOO @ the coke bottle comment. I mentioned body types like coke bottle in my post and I come here, it’s like deja vu.
    I am waiting for her list to surface on the internet, wanna see all the names that are in them.

  3. Aw men over 30 can wear cornrows as long as they don’t look something like Floyd Mayweather’s father!

  4. lmao.. fresh I swear you were a fly on the wall last night while I was talking!!! this subject was on repeat in my house LOL

    but Umm yeah they gotta go down if she going down.. *no pun intended* LOL

  5. I say blow the whistle. Drop dime. Snithc. Whatever you want to call it.

    WHy should she be the only one paying for it. And she’s not the one who actually had sex!

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