Some people….

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public.


They should be confined to their own home for life.


I just don’t get it. It wasn’t a case where the person was wearing a jacked up outfit. Naaah, not today. This was a case where they just didn’t know how to act right.

You ever go somewhere and people….okay….let me be real……You ever go somewhere and black people start acting the fool and you feel embarrassed for your whole race because of their actions?!?!?!

That’s what happened just a few hours ago.

We changed medical insurance recently so I go to the doctor’s office to give them the updated info for a couple of reasons. One, I’ll forget. Two, I’m cool with the staff (i.e. I know one of the assistants). Three, it’s right by the crib.

Anyway, while I’m in there filling out the new forms and stuff, in walks the offending party. It was two of them. Tag team. We’ll call them Bonnie and Clyde.

First things first. They have XRay and Sonogram and MRI and all that other good equipment stuff in this office so before you walk in, there’s a big ass sign that says ” PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE” in like 1000pt font.

Once you get through that door, in the waiting area there are at least 2 more signs that repeat “PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE” and then another sign that says it before you enter the patient area.

So in walks Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie is pissed that she even has to come to the doctor. Clyde, he did the driving. (I figured that much out).

Clyde obviously didn’t see the sign because Clyde came in TALKING on his phone. Bonnie went to the front desk with her attitude. Bonnie was pissed because she had to get some procedure that was recommended by her other doctor. But Bonnie did NOT HAVE INSURANCE. So Bonnie was bitchin’ about how much the procedure costs.

But this isn’t about Bonnie.

This is about Clyde. Clyde kept talking on his cell phone. LOUD. First warning. Clyde ignores. Second warning. Clyde ignores.

Finally Clyde hangs up. 2 minutes later, he phone rings again. And Clyde talks again. So the last warning comes (which was hilarious – one of the assistants walked over to Clyde with the PLEASE TURN OFF CELL PHONES sign in her hand). Funny as hell. Anyway, he leaves and Bonnie follows behind, pissed that she has to pay.

How come people can be so ignorant?

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on May 3, 2007.

7 Responses to “Some people….”

  1. I work in a hotel so I see ignorant folks of all persuasions all day long. Our cousins can be extra special at times. LOL

    I feel ya on this one…

  2. LMAO
    Love it, that’s whats up
    lmao@1000pt font too

    You can’t escape ignant people no way no how

    Good ish fam


  3. Too funny Fresh. Yep, those are the type of encounters where you wish you could melt into the wall and say “I’m not with them!! I’m not like them!!”

  4. LMAOOOOO @ 1000 pt ft. The assistant was funny as hell to walk the sign over to him. Oh my gosh, sometimes they make me want to just be invisible.


  6. “You ever go somewhere and black people start acting the fool and you feel embarrassed for your whole race because of their actions?!?!?!”
    Hell yes.

  7. LMAO. When this happens to one of my friends he always says, “They are not from my tribe.”

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