Exit Stage Right.

Random sh*t.

I wasn’t at work all week last week (needed the time to reset plus massa man was EXTRA nice). I think it’s a setup. Speaking of which…

#100 – How come every time certain people are nice to me I feel like I’m being setup?!?!? (BK, TDJ, 1969 is that a NYC thing?)

#99 – Manhattan keeps on making, Brooklyn keeps on taking, Bronx keeps creating it and Queens keeps on faking it….YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

#98 – Exit Stage Right: Unemailucated…..Un-email-ucated….(it’s my word I just made up for those who have no knowledge of how to use email). Email has been out how many years now?!?! How come people still ‘reply all’ when there’s a hundred people cc:ed on the email?! And when they do it, they say something personal that NO ONE ELSE will get? I sent out a mass email and specifically told people “DO NOT REPLY ALL”, yet these numb nuts…college educated numb nuts at that, reply to every single person on the list.

#97 – Exit Stage Right: Unemailucated Part 2 – DAMNIT…STOP sending me pictures of shit I don’t care about. Halle Berry going grocery shopping, Eve getting arrested, celebrities in their caskets, celebrity babies and those dumb ass Bill Gates is gonna give me a gizillion dollars if I forward it on. I forward those right to my Trash. I’ve got a filter setup for it….

#97a – That new Fantasia joint is a’ight. MUCH better than that Hood Boy crap!

#97b – Exit Stage Right: That damn Lip Gloss song!!!!

#96 – Exit Stage Right: White Sunglasses.

#95 – Leave your nines at home and bring your skills to the battle….You rattling on and on and ain’t sayin’ nothin’….

#94 – Exit Stage Right: Unphotocated. Un-photo-cated. (those who don’t know how to take a damn picture!) Mirrors reflect images. Please think about that the next time you stand in front of the mirror about to take a picture with the flash on.

#93 – Exit Stage Right: What’s with the haute couture rage? Now for some they look good, but others are just throwing loud ass colors together with random shit and calling it fashion. I call it tacky….

#92 – Exit Stage Right: MIMS – This is why I’m hot….I’m hot cause I’m fly. You ain’t cause you not. Did he say “You ain’t cause you not???” You ain’t hot means you’re not hot right? Then he says “cause you not”. After “cause” he’s supposed to insert a reason why the person isn’t hot. But nooooooooooo, his reason is because they’re not which means he really says You’re not hot cause you’re not hot. *Scratching my head* I’m gonna walking around saying stupid shit like that from now on. Like “I’m sick cause I’m sick” or “I fuck cause I fuck” That song got on my nerves from day one BUT what’s made it worse, the minute the white people at my job start singing it, it has GOT TO GO!

#91- Exit Stage Right: Cheap Mofo’s: How come when you go out to eat with a bunch of people, there’s always one in the group that comes up short with the money? Or even worse, instead of just splitting the bill equally, there’s always one that wants to add their shit up to the last cent. Let’s see I had the Diet coke that’s $1.99 plus the chicken enchilada..that’s 9.99….Nuh uh I only owe 11.98 plus tax and tip…

#90 – Exit Stage Right – Ms. “P” butt at my job who left without giving me notice. ARRGGHHH!!!!!!!!….Now who in the hell is going to give me copy room *ahem* fantasies?!?!?! Flat butt Becky?!?!?! This is torture.

#89 – Exit Stage Right – The dumb ass radio station and party promoters that labeled a past weekend and parties as the “Imus got fired” weekend. “Come on out and celebrate Don Imus getting fired. Free drink specials”. Pure bred 100% fucking ignorance.

#88 – Exit Stage Right(hopefully) – The Dallas Mavericks. (damnit I hope I didn’t just jinx that joint)

#87 – Exit Stage Right – Anyone that has a musical ringtone and lets the WHOLE DAMN song play out before answering the phone.

#86 – Exit Stage Right – The Golden Corral (buffet spot) – First of all, I’m not a big buffet person. I don’t like my food being out like that but that’s beside the point. I don’t know how many of you have these buffet spots near you but if you try to get to the Boulevard at the Capital Centre in Largo, MD on a Sunday after church lets out, Good fuckin’ luck. These big XL ass fuggas got the parking spots on lock. All I was trying to do was get to Circuit City to buy a DVD or two and couldn’t find a damn parking spot all because yo’ big asses need a damn meal for 8. You know what…..

#85 – Exit Stage Right – The whole Boulevard in Largo. Who the fuck designed that spot? Did they not realize that they didn’t have enough parking spots?!?!?!?! They have 10 spots for 100 cars. Dumb asses……..

#84 – Exit Stage Right – Uncle Sam. Made me owe this year fugga. You know when I paid my taxes? 11:59pm on April 17th. Fugg them. Not getting my money.

#83 – Exit Stage Right – This piece of shit Treo 650 I have that is cracked on the side, has a busted speakerphone and can’t hold a damn charge.

#82 – Exit Stage Right– Verizon Wireless for not letting me replace the previously mentioned phone. First they tell me I gotta buy a new phone when I’m looking at the insurance paper. Dumb fucks. Then they say insurance doesn’t cover wear and tear or some shit. Only if they phone was accidentally dropped in a toilet or some shit. Okay, so act like I dropped my shit in the toilet and send me a new phone! Rep got pissy cause I asked to speak to her manager. Then the manager got pissy cause all they said was hello and I asked to speak to their manager. Let’s see how pissy you get if I take my ass to Cingular….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 30, 2007.

12 Responses to “Exit Stage Right.”

  1. That is a NYC thing. I always think folks are up to something or have an ulterior motive. LOL. It’s called street smarts.

    I don’t get down with all you can eat anything. And I don’t like my food all laid out where folks can sneeze on it. πŸ™‚

    Ms. P butt is gone? Damn. Maybe they will hire a new fantasy girl soon. Everyone needs a little work eye candy.

  2. In 2007, folks still need e-mail etiquette. I think it takes more effort to hit reply all than to just reply! LOL at Buffets…I hate them, too many people licking their fingers and trying to feed their bad azz kids off their plates!

  3. Come to Cingular… the Dark Side containing the iphone is waiting for you… it’s only two months away.

  4. LOL @ Fresh and 1969 – Yep, yep – it is most def a NY thing. When I first moved to VA, I kept asking folks, “Why are you smiling at me? Do I know you?” My mom finally told me to chill.

    AHHA AHHA – I’m sick cause I’m sick! I hate that damn song.

    I only go to the Blvd if it is absolutely imperative and I can’t make it across the bridge to VA before things close. Between the scarce parking, the wild and rowdy teenagers, and the PITIFUL customer service, I want to pull my hair out every time I go there.

  5. “Pure bred 100% fucking ignorance.”

    Can’t I PLEASE use that one…I will give you credit…that is the truth! I am over here cracking up! Dayum I needed to laugh hard tonight!

  6. I’m going to Tmobile when its time for my renewal.
    Watch out for the big people at the buffet, they will f*ck you up over the last chicken wing.

  7. @1969 – Man I thought I was going crazy with that ulterior motive thing.

    And oh yeah, I think I might have found a “P” butt replacement. Oh glory days.

    @Everything – Welcome to the blog. Yes, there needs to be a course on email etiquette.

    @HF – Hush homie.

    @TDJ – Don’t get me started on customer service

    @Divine – Yes you can use the phrase. Just give me credit πŸ™‚ Creative Commons homie ….LMAOOOOOOOOOOO….

    @Beauty – I don’t fck with the buff-ets…..for that exact reason. I value my life.

  8. LMAO definitely a NY thing.. everybody got a story.. and a motive.. dem nah go set me up fi bun.. LOL

    wow.. and the Mavs are GONE.. oh these playoffs have been QUITE interesting.. and the boulevard period is some BULLSHYT!

  9. Fresh, I always think there’s a set up if somebody’s being too nice! LMAO. Must be NYC.

    Ugh @ musical ringtone! Ugh, I say!

    It is an NY thing. When I was in Florida I asked my mom if all those people knew me. Why they hell are they saying hi everytime they pass. I used to have a puzzled look on my face before answering.

    Am pissed cuz pissed. LOL.

    That reply all button needs to be removed. The other day a friend sent an email, and all ‘her’ friends hit reply all. Damn I was pissed, cuz I was pissed, LOL. I just hit reply all and ask all them damn fools not to hit reply all again.

    OOOOOHHHHHHH how I hate those fwds people send. Oh your email account is going to be deactivated, your gonna get a dollar. Damn I should be a millionaire with no email if that is the case.

  11. Email etiquette…don’t forget those who type their entire email in the frigging SUBJECT line or those who type the entire email in caps. Drives me crazy.

    Mims. The day I heard Kelly Rippa singing that song I knew it was all over. “Hood Boy”. Ugh. Just Ugh.

  12. Yep, like everyone else said, it’s a NY thing. When I got here, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone w/everyone saying hi like that. I got told I was rude for not saying hi in passing.

    I made a mistake and went to Old Country Buffet after church one Sunday and I got bumrushed by the Usher Board going to get their grub on. I had to duck and run, pull some commando move just to get out the way!

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