You think it’s all good huh?

Michael Richards.



Imus said “nappy headed hoes”. For that, he didn’t just come at me. He came at me AND my mom and wifey. He came at my daughter. He came at black women. Double negative.

When I hear insensitive comments, I’m disturbed but not surprised. I know people still think this stuff. It’s ingrained in their head.

Then I see this—->click here<—— This dude has Obama carrying money in the field like he’s a slave. Okay, hey, maybe his intent wasn’t racist or offensive, but there are way too many overtones in that picture. I’m not going to break it down here.

The words flow out of their mouths so fluently almost as if it’s been said before, many a time on many occasion. I wonder if there was any hesitation in Imus’ brain that said, look man, don’t say what you’re thinking because that could be detrimental to your career. There should be a trigger in your brain that goes off as soon as your mouth opens that stops you from saying something insensitive especially…..especially when it’s a comment about a historically oppressed group of individuals (Black, Jews, Gays, the list goes on)

What makes it even worse about these situations is that they apologize like all they have to do is say sorry and it’s all good. That bothers me. It makes the process to simple. It makes it seem like it’s socially acceptable.

So if Imus is fired and the artist picture is pulled off and Michael Richards never steps foot in a comedy club again, what’s next? Did we accomplish anything?

Sunday night I was watching Roots (which is a whole different discussion) but as I’m sitting there and it goes to a commercial, I noticed that most commercials were from modern day plantations like the Military. (I’m not knocking anyone in the military) Isn’t it weird that a movie about history and slavery in compounded by commercials from organizations that institutionalize their people?

What they said was wrong. Point blank. An apology is not enough. If I was a shock jock and called the Duke women’s basketball team some “cracker-ass barbie dolls”, I would’ve been fired before the word “dolls” left my mouth. If I was an artist and drew Bush with a white hood on cracking a whip at Condeleeza, I would be fired and never allowed to touch a pencil again.

By the way, it doesn’t help when our music demoralizes our community AND makes it commercially acceptable to say those terms. C’mon, you know there are songs out there now that using the word “ho” in the chorus.

When I was young, my mom sent me to a predominantly – might a well say all-white- junior high school (middle school). Before the first day, we did a dry run so I could know the exact bus and routes to take. We get off the bus, walk to the school and the first thing I see, spray painted on the wall is “Go Home Nigger”. I looked at my mom and said I can’t go here. She saw the same wall but it didn’t hit her like me. So again I stop, show her the wall. She said words that I still remember to this day.

She said “Son, the world is not all black and as a black man, you’re going to have to learn how to deal with this everyday”.

She wasn’t lying.

Here’s the transcript of the Imus-Sharpton interview—->here<——


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 10, 2007.

8 Responses to “You think it’s all good huh?”

  1. Well stated. I suppose Imus will do the cool thing and go to rehab?

    As black people, we coon ourselves. Videos, rap music, etc…are deplorable. The images and messages we send out to the masses are not cool. When we have songs with “Nappy headed ho’s” in the verses, it seems like we are supporting these images.

    We are always up in arms when the racist rhetoric is spewed in a public forum and rightly so….but we need to get just as angry when we are bringing the same messages to our own children by our own artists.

    Is Al Sharpton protesting about that?

  2. 1969 – You took the words right out of my mouth. It’s not right for them but it’s not right for us either. Social responsibility is lacking and when it’s glorified via the media, everyone feels it’s acceptable.

  3. Well said 1969!!! I agree wholeheartedly!!!

    @Alwaysfunkyfresh(AFF) I enjoy your blogs keep it up…I will definitely return!!!

  4. I agree 100%. As offensive as his words were, we do need to accept some responsibility. I don’t see Al Sharpton stomping all over Kanye for calling the video girls “mutts” or all over any hip hop artist who calls women out of their names.

    In the war against racism, gender discrimination, etc we need to pick our battles more wisely.

  5. great post Fresh.. and I gotta agree with the comments above.. WE have to set the tone and in my household I do.. Yeah my daughter knows all the latest dances.. and some of the songs she wants to listen to I have to put a STOP to it.. she looks at me like BUT MA??? then I let her listen to REAL HIP HOP.. Taking it back and she looks at me crazy at first. but then she is like oh that’s the same beat as *some new song* I’m like well that beat for the song you talking bout.. COMES FROM HERE.. we use it as a lesson in music history.. We also have to be mindful of how we dress our children.. Especially our girls.. I see girls in my daughter’s school DRESSED like they came from da video.. WTF is that about.. We have to take responsibility of our own.. and if we don’t nobody else will

  6. I’m in agreement with what’s been said. Imus was wrong, Michael Richards was wrong….but so is Nelly, so is Kanye. It pains me to no end to know that the most hurtful words that have ever been hurled at me or another African-American woman came from the mouth of an African-American man.

    Sharpton. Jackson. Why is it that white people seek an “audience” with these two when they want to apologize? Who made them to eternal gatekeepers to all things black?

    Did either Sharpton or Jackson speak to the Rutger’s coach and/or the team BEFORE they hit the airwaves? Did they try to get a gauge of how they felt about this situation? Did Sharpton invite any of them to come to his studio or call in to his show? Curious.

  7. LOL@rehab. Agree w/ social responsibility – though I’ve said some funky ‘ish before. *shrugs. LOL@MsJayy’s eternal gatekeepers. I wonder…

    My question is which satellite radio show is this half-dead mofo gonna show up on next. Because you know it’s not over…

  8. Great post fresh!
    Am damn sick and tired of seeing Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton on tv. Ms. Jayy is right who made them the go to people for blacks.
    These two like too much damn media attention. I cannot take a man with a perm seriously.

    We need to hold our own accountable. Until we do this will only continue. Micheal Richards was in the medica for all of what two weeks, what ever happened to that? Nothing!!!!

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