Somebody please explain to me…..

…………….how it was 79 degrees on Monday and now it’s 49

…………….how some parents are in winter coats but their kids are in shorts?

…………….how some 5th graders can have sex while no teacher is in the room…Yup, you read it right. Read it here ->

Whatever happened to things like spitballs and throwing stuff across the room and stuff like that?. In the 5th grade, I’m what…10 years old?!?!?!…okay, maybe I was a tad bit “fresh” trying to cop a feel on a booty or two – you know the old put your hand down in the chair before they sit trick. I mean the pinstripe Lees did round out the backsides kind of nice – but I wasn’t trying to get busy on the desk in front of my other classmates. *shaking my head*

……………why I’m walking around with two cell phones feeling like a damn fool. My Treo (personal with Verizon) and a Blackberry Pearl (work from Cingular). This is annoying and damnit if I’m not liking the Blackberry more than the Treo!!!!!

…………..why the season for the Washington Wizards is OVA. Gilbert Arenas is hurt. Caron Butler is hurt. We done son! (Now if the Knicks would get their act together and make a run I can cheer for something. C’mon Starbury. Act like this is Lincoln High all over again!)

………….how the hell Three 6 Mafia got their own reality show?

………….why these punk arses on I Love New York were crying because they didn’t win. (see I couldn’t sleep the other night and what had happened was I was flippin the channels..)

………….why I saw 3 (count’em 1-2-3) guys at the tailor shop yesterday getting fitted for their WHITE easter suits and one of them was linen! LAWDEE…PIMPALICIOUS!!!!

…………why the Steve Harvey line of suits looks like zoot suits? Everytime I picked one up I kept singing “is you is or is you ain’t my baby…”

…………why PotBelly sugar cookies tastes so damn good.

………..why my gym is so damn ghetto. No wait. Ghhheeeeee-tooooooeeeee….I mean buckets all over the place to catch the ceiling leaks when it rains, treadmills just cut off in the middle of the session, idiot muscle-necks punching the mirrors, people not wiping the equipment after the use it…the list goes on. Maybe I’ll make this another entry.

……….why I’m typing this while I’m sitting on a boring conference call 🙂

………why this dude (brother) sitting across from me is wearing slacks with WHITE tube socks and some shoes.

………why I’m embarrassed to be in the same room as dude mentioned above….

……….how people can be so cool one day and complete enemies the next.

……….why one of my co-workers (female #1) is really feeling another co-worker (male) and asked me to play Cupid. I told her that I don’t do that. Really I do play Cupid but male co-worker is actively tapping another co-worker (female #2). And just think female #2 and female #1 are cool like that (hang out after work, go to lunch, etc)

………why the inside of car is just dirty. So my lil shorty has a date with the HandyVac and the backseat cause all of that mess is hers….

……….why my blogging peeps are some cool ass people………


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 6, 2007.

8 Responses to “Somebody please explain to me…..”

  1. For starters, your blogger peeps are cool because they went to Tech 🙂

    You were that fresh guy in school trying to feel the booties huh? Shoulda known…hence the name ….FRESH…yeah, I get it now.

    I am still trying to figure out the sweatshirt and shorts or shorts and UGG boots thing. One says cold, one says hot? Is it me?

    Oh yeah….Easter is gonna be INTERESTING. The suits and the hats? Lawdy.

  2. LMAO @ Steve Harvey (Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?!) LMAO.

    Fresh, you know u wanna get u a fedora for Easter, so u can tilt it to the side! Pimpalicious! LMAO.

    Happy Easter.

  3. LMAO.. Listen here fresh.. LOL did you get anything out of the conference call?? LOL

    and LMAO @ the zoot suits.. *since I was off early* you know I saw that episode of Tom & Jerry today LOL

    grown man in white suit?? OH HELL TO DA NAW.. and it wasn’t awhite tux right for a wedding? LMAO

    that story about the 5th graders and sex.. lawd.. I saw it on the news and was like WTF shyt.. 5th grade it was all about kicking dem in da nuts if they so innocently touched my butt as you described above LOL I think I made many a dude sterile!!!

    Happy Easter!

  4. @1969 – It is not you. You can’t mix winter clothes and summer clothes. Shorts and sweatshirts? NO. shorts and t-shirts. That blows me all the time.

    @Ms Lee – Hey homie. They ain’t ready for my fedora. It’s so next level. SIKE. Yeah right.

    @BklynDiva – That conference call was some bullshit. I wasn’t even needed. I had the phone on mute and every now and then chimed in with “OK” or “HAHAHAHA”

  5. LMAOOOOOO you are a mess.

  6. YO! you know Im lovin the post.
    Tom and The Zoot Suit “Well Alreet well allroot…well alllright”

    I fux witcha all day…I’ll see you on the boards soon fam.

    Sux about the Wizards too…Im out here and it is not a happy time around.


  7. LOL – you too funny. 5th graders. Dang. Did you really think Steve’s line would be anything BUT zoot suits? Three Six mafia. *smh*

  8. why the season for the Washington Wizards is OVA. Gilbert Arenas is hurt. Caron Butler is hurt. We done son!
    ~~This really hurts my heart!!! The rest of the team betta pull themselves together…who I am I kidding…we threw!!

    Three Six Mafia+MTV Reality Show = Coonery!!! BOO to them BOOOOOOOOOO to them!!!

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