B’ and dem

When this song first came out, all the young chickadees at my job was singing it. It was irritating especially when one of them tried to hit me with that crap. Let me upgrade u. Puh-leez shawty. You got a few revisions to go before you even get to my level. Real talk though….don’t ever try and upgrade someone else if you haven’t upgraded yourself. Still a good song though.

Ummm….if anyone out there wants to volunteer to be my suga mama and let me sit on their lap…just holla…email me at mentallymosaic@gmail.com for an application. LMAO…..(yo G, you see her legs son?!?!?! WOW)

I feel like shorty trying regain the spotlight since she got trumped by JHud. Those were 2 of what like 5 new videos from her. What’s the deal Matty? You can’t deal with your child not shining for a sec?

Really though, I’ve always liked Kelly more than B. First of all, she’s chocolate and damn, excuse me a second…..my mouth watering already. Maybe because she’s not in the forefront and not every damn where. Who knows….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on April 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “B’ and dem”

  1. LMAO @ you!!!! I’m a chick and I think Kelly is prettier than Beyonce myself but hey its what ya like!!! 🙂

    Upgrade WHO??? LMAO

    Imight can find you a suga mama but I don’t think wifey would like that unless you passing on da benefits LMAO

  2. I think Kelly is beautiful. Beyonce just has more star quality. Born to be in the spotlight.

    I am not liking Kelly trying too hard to be sexy in that video.
    She’s better when she is just herself.

  3. LMAO @ revisions before upgrading another!

    I think Kelly is beautiful, too. If she could just trip and fall into a hit song, she’d be good!

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