You gotta take care of YOU

I think I’ve said that statement more times in the past week than ever before. All the situations were different but the end result is the same and the words ring out so fluently.

Bottom line is that YOU are responsible for YOU. Not your best friend. Not your parents. Not your boyfriend/girlfriend. YOU

YOU define YOU. Not your mother, not your friends, not the car you drive, the house you own, the money you make, the Louis Vutton purse or the Breitling watch. It’s all about YOU

I’m not a big fan of placing the blame on others especially if there is something within yourself that YOU can change. True, there’s a lot you can’t control but there is a lot you CAN control.

Case #1. I have a friend who is sooooooooo concerned about their weight. In fact, this person goes to the gym somewhat regularly. But yet, the weight loss is slow, so they fall off, jump back to the way things were and when I ask how come they stopped working out, they put the blame on someone else. Yup, excuses. Not once did this person put the blame on themselves.

Case #2. If you have had or are having relationship issues and it seems like the same thing over and over again with different people (or hell maybe it’s a re-occurring problem with the same person), then maybe, just maybe, you need to take a look at how YOU are doing things. If he’s not being romantic enough for you, instead of sitting there and complaining about it, why don’t you try being romantic to him first? Maybe that starts a chain reaction. You never know……(and if that doesn’t work, it’s a good indication that you need to let that relationship go)

We all get caught up in the everyday rah rah trying to be something to someone. At work, you’re Employee of the Month. At home, you’re wife/husband of the Year. Parent of the decade. Whatever.

We have these lists of priorities. Let’s see…this morning, I got up, got the kid ready for school, took her to school, walked the dog, took out the garbage, took clothes to the cleaners, called Verizon about the home phone, came to work, gave 3 presentations, sent out my writeups before noon.
The problem with our priorities or things to do list is rarely is there anything on that list for YOU.

You know in the personal finance world, the mantra is “Pay yourself first”. Everyone and their mother says it and a lot of people abide by it.

Why not take the same philosophy and apply it to your life?

Now some of you may be thinking, well, if I don’t do this or do that, then things won’t get done. And to that, I say “SO WHAT” , they just won’t get done. People get so used to you doing things, that they don’t learn how to do things themselves. Maybe this will force them to learn. If you don’t do it, SO WHAT. The world will keep spinning, the birds will keep chirping, the sun will still shine. Life goes on.

So the bottom line is DO YOU.

Find something to do by yourself that makes you happy. Go shopping (you know you want those new pair of shoes). Go to the gym. Read a book. Write a book. Write a blog entry.

Make a deposit back into your personal bank that keeps getting withdrawn.



~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “You gotta take care of YOU”

  1. Fresh.. for real son.. you don’t know how this post touched me.. I’m that person who always takes care of everyone first and forgets about myself.. a few things came to a crashing halt yesterday that sent me into tears and made me realize I NEED TO CHECK MYSELF QUICK..cause this is some bullshyt.. THANKS BRUH FOR POSTING THIS…

    No matter how much I “attempt” to do for myself I get sidetracked by the kids, my mother, da mister’s needs that I forget mine..

    I preach it all the time but I NEVER do it enough.. thanks for the wakeup call!

  2. You know I got you BK. We all get caught up and get going in a million directions and never reset ourselves.

  3. Wassup my bro ! I saw your link on a another blog and I clicked it. I love the post, DO YOU !!!!!!

    I think most people that do not Pay themselves, because it’s easy to stick to what you already doing. Change is hard for some.

    BTW, sorry to hear about the Jamaica hotel thing. Always research in the future especially in foreign countries. I always stay at american hotels when travel to foreign destinations, Hilton, Marriot, Ritz Carlton, etc.

  4. Fresh….this becomes even more important as you get older and start to become more resonsible for others. You still have to stop and take care of yourself. Good post.

    Moneymonk…shouts out to our for frequenting my hotels…Marriott and Ritz Carlton ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. AFF, I love this post. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves and I am so tired of people blaming other people for what happens to them, why they can’t do what they need to do, and all that mess. The root of most of your problems is you. You want to be happy? Make yourself happy. As you said: Do you!

    Love the ‘deposit in the personal bank’ thang. *storing that one for later usage… (Don’t worry, I’ll quote you!) LOL

  6. Moneymonk – Welcome to the blog!!! And yes I learned my lesson in Jamaica. Never again.

    1969 – Hey homie….who said anything about getting older?!?!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ms. Lee – What’s good home skillet? Please send all royalty checks for my quote to the Funky Fresh Fund, PO Box 11210, Brooklyn NY. ‘Preciate that. LOL

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