Random thoughts….

I started this on Friday…never posted it……until now

I was just tortured. I sat in a meeting for 90 minutes with one of the most boringest (I know it’s not a word) presenters ever. This dude was talking soooooooooo damn slow, it was painful. People for dozing off. It was ridiculous. So instead of joining the doze off posse, I let my mind wander and go wherever the hell it wanted……

(1) I can’t stand people who don’t follow directions and then ask questions and get upset. I specifically told one of our sales reps to not join a con call today because the customer did not want any push or interaction from sales. Yet, this idiot joins the call anyway and gets mad when the customer got pissed. Dumb ass.
(2) It’s what…70 degrees or so outside…why in the hell do “they” have on shorts?!?!?

(3) BKDiva already spoke to some of y’all about rocking the sandals so early and keeping your feet up. I’m gonna piggyback on that. Ashy feet with chipped polish is NOT cute. Go see Ling Wang at Fancy Nails and handle that shit. Pronto!

(4) Why is it that you do something that is WRONG and you know it’s WRONG but you do it anyway despite the fact that it’s WRONG because it just feels so RIGHT? Then when it takes a turn and you realize that it is WRONG, you try and do RIGHT to correct the WRONG and when you do RIGHT, you feel like shit cause you just let go of something that you needed even though it was WRONG? Somebody please break this shit down for me….

(5) If my co-worker comes in my office one more time and bust a fart, I’m busting his farting stankin’ ass. Go to the bathroom. Handle your shit…….

(6) Why does this girl at my job have a P butt? What’s a “P” butt? Simple. Her bottom half looks like the letter “P”.

(7) And with glass walls in the conference rooms, when Misses “P” walked by, “DopeBoyFresh a.k.a the #1 Stunna a.k.a Pok-eee-mon wants to come out and play…

(8) Why do people name their genitals?!?!? LMAOOOOOO…DopeBoyFresh…I got issues y’all…LMAOOOOOOOOO

(9) Right now, somebody is fuckin….and obviously it ain’t me cause I’m typing this damn entry!!! Shiiiiiiiiit.

(10) Damn I’m horny…..

(11) If you don’t completely clean out and face the closet of your past, you will NEVER be able to fully open the door to your future…

(12) I hate commercials where they have black people doing something silly like dancing. You see that kid in the Cisco commercial dancing like an ass and they take a picture and send it people across the internet. Damn fool….

(13) Don’t you hate when you see something online- like clothes- and you buy it but when it arrives, it’s so far from what you expected….

(14) Verizon Wireless has the best service but the worse phones. Cingular has the best phones but the worse service. (I say this as I’m testing out a Blackberry for the job)

(15) College basketball is a million times better than the pros especially at this time of year.

(16) I bought my daughter a pair of skinny jeans yesterday. Real cute. But umm…why did the next section have low rise jeans? Low rise jeans?! For a 5-year old?! C’mon now….

(17) It’s amazing how people (mainly women) will stop and stare at you when you’re shopping for kid’s clothes. Like you’re a damn alien or something.

(18) I want a new car but I’ll refrain…(for now)

(19) I want another tattoo…..now this one I’m not going to refrain. I just have to figure out where to put it.

(20) I know I’ve said this before but damn I really despise the sunglasses in the club thing…..

(21) But what I really really really despise is people who are constantly late. I mean consistently late like their clocks are broke. I’m not talking about 10-15 minutes here and there. I’m not talking about fashionably late cause you tryin’ to look good for yo’ man. I’m talking LATE like you tell me 7 and you show up at 8 or 9. I think that shit is rude.

That’s all for me. I’m out……

I leave you with one of my favorite joints right now. The beat is sick. Gets me pumped. The lyrics are ehhhh…but who cares.

It’s me bitches….(This joint right here….gets me going…)


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “Random thoughts….”

  1. DopeBoyFresh? We are gonna have to have a chat about that one. LOL

  2. It was a spur of the moment name….

  3. I bet it was….LOL


    DopeBoyFresh I hope your health insurance covers mental health screenings because cuz you need counselling, fasttttttt.

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