False Advertisement….You lied to me Mr. President

I can’t front after the Towers dropped, I was just as pissed as the next man. I took that attack personal, being a native New Yorker. Those people sent “my” peoples (mom, uncle, friends) running for their damn life. I watched the building I used to work in fall to it’s knees.

So when you gave the okay to go over there and bomb that country, for that split second, I actually liked you.

But then you flipped again, went back to your normal self….started trying to pacify me with foolish rhetoric, babble, lies. You made other people your puppets (read: Condeleeza) to take the blame  and speak up for some shit that you was all about you.

3,000+ lives later, ‘deadly’ leader captured and executed, where are these WMD’s you used to speak about? Now, you telling me some crap about we can’t leave until they have democracy. What about our democracy?

Did you not see the news this past weekend? 6 murders in DC area. All of them damn near right in your backyard. If you look out the window, past the green lawn, you’ll see chaos. That doesn’t bother you? You can go before Congress and ask them for BILLIONS of dollars to give another country democracy but you can’t find a cent to help the poor. Do you know what those BILLIONS could have done for the Katrina victims?

I feel like I went into a store to buy…I don’t know….a cell phone. And you’re the salesman and you told me, Fresh, this cell phone can start your car and change your tires and wash your clothes. And when I got home, it did none of the above. That’s false advertisement. You lied.

1.20.09 – Can’t wait till that day comes and you take your ass back to Texas.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “False Advertisement….You lied to me Mr. President”

  1. Chris Rock’s quote when asked if the country is ready for a Black president:

    “It’s ready for a retarded president, why wouldn’t it be ready for an African American president?”

  2. Fresh.. get out my damn head.. cause damn if this wasn’t a conversation I had on Monday!!!! Son 6 over the weekend and wait… another one last night.. in the span of 9 damn days.. you got 7 damn bodies.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MATH..

    Son they don’t business with what’s going on in their own backyard.. they only care about foreign policy and antics.. their friggin bottom line.. and as long as that oil doing good.. dem ras idiots have money.. it will never be about the “american” people.. always about dem dey choice few to keep di money inna dem pocket.

    damn is till 1/20/09 we gotta wait till??? oh when di new one get sworn in.. *sigh*

  3. Fresh and BK – Cleary, we’re on the same wavelength. My husband and I were watching the news last night thinking that this mess is crazy! It’s like open season in PG County right now. “They” don’t care. Let another old, white journalist like David Rosenbaum get killed in NW and then all of sudden, everybody cares about the DC area. B*llshit! I’ve got a 1/20/09 bumper sticker on my Passat!

  4. Fresh you ain’t never lied…..I was one of those people who had to run (hell am lying I froze in the middle of the street)and I was all for the Afghan was since I saw a connection there. But hell how you going to start one pot not finish it, and then start cooking up some other mess and you have no idea what the recipe is. Please Mr. President stop feeding people Bullshit. Don’t get me started on Duberleeze Rice.

  5. Fresh, I don’t know if you’re much of a PBS watcher, but there’s a show on it called the Bill Moyers Journal. He recently had an episode called “Buying The War”. In this piece, he exposes the role of the media and journalists as not being critical enough of the information coming out of the current administration. There’s a Washington Post article introducing the show. It’s a short read.

    In other words: ditto.

  6. The Washington Post Article: A Media Role in Selling the War? No Question. by Tom Shales.

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