Parents pushed past the limit…..

I sat in the barbershop today watching a lil shorty get rung the fuck up by his mother. Lil’ man wouldn’t sit still while the barber was trying to cut his hair.

I mean lil dude lost every bone in his body and became a snake as he squirmed to get out of the chair. He couldn’t take it. And the barber hadn’t even BEGUN to cut his hair. She (yes I said she) was only combing it.

I peeped lil dude when I walked in the shop. Wandering over by the magazines. Roaming the shop. I peeped him but I didn’t see any parent. I played the math in my head. Counting people. Placing people with each other. Hmmm….my conclusion. Lil Dude was alone.


The big black 1500 truck pulled up outside. Lil’ dude’s mom gets out. Storms in the shop. Already looking pissed. Speaking pissed to lil’ dude.

I can’t front, lil dude’s head looked rough. Even a lil shorty, no older than 6, who sat next to me, said lil dude’s head was nappy. Had me cracking the fuck up.

So lil dude gets in the chair and loses it. The barber was only combing his hair. They struggled. Lil Dude. The barber. Pissed Parent. All going at each other.


Pissed parent lost it. Shook, I mean, shook the shit out of lil’ dude. Then proceeded to ring his ass up and if her phone didn’t ring, she would’ve continued to ring lil dude’s behind up. Her phone call made her even more pissed. She grabbed, literally pulled another lil man from the waiting area, put him in the car and rolled out. Lil’ dude was still in the chair getting his hair cut but he was calm now.

That whole scene bugged me out for a good minute or two.

Lil’ Dude seemed to only wig out when his mom came around. When his mom left, he was cool although he drifted a bit. His mom was a lil heavy set, fairly tall (I’d say like 5’10)…and with that attitude, she was definitely intimidating. Mom shook the shit out of him. Mom grabbed the other lil man and literally yanked him by his coat to get him out the door.

Yo, I’m a parent and I know, as parents, sometimes the little ones push your damn buttons so bad, you just wanna slap the crap out of them. That’s understandable. They need discipline. But according to the barber and other barbers in the shop, she’s always like that. Always pissed off. They said she had the kid late like after she turned 40. Said she always barks at lil dude and has even said foul shit to him in the shop before like questioning why she had him.

Kids are tough to raise no matter what age you are. But when you’re over 50 and you have a 10 year old (yes he was 10 and crying at the barber) that you didn’t expect to have, of course, your buttons are going to get pushed, a lot easier than others. It’s not about your kid acting up in the barbershop. It’s about why aren’t you combing the kids hair or at least telling him to comb his hair. Shit doesn’t make any sense to me. That one little sign tells me that she ain’t really feeling parenthood which is even more fucked up.
Kids aren’t a pair of shoes you can return because they don’t match the outfit you bought. They’re not a boyfriend/girlfriend that you can break up with and then say, oh ok, I’m sorry, will you be my child again? Nah, they are a blessing. A gift from the man above. Being a parent is a privilege. So many people want them but can’t have them but yet some who do have them, abuse the privilege. If you don’t want them, that’s fine. Before you open your legs, swallow that pill and/or make him wrap it up, no matter what he says. But to have them and then unleash all of your regret on them, deny that they’re not yours, and physically or mentally abuse them is just wrong.

I don’t have, and will never ever have any ounce of respect for you.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Parents pushed past the limit…..”

  1. I agree 100%. I was in Target once and a woman was shopping with her three year old sitting in the cart. He was eating crackers and spilled them on the floor. She started cursing at him and telling him he was so f*cking stupid.

    I stopped my cart, told my son as loud as I could “Let’s go. Some mommy’s don’t have any manners and are mean to their kids for no reason.” She gave me the Darth Vadar stare and I gave it right back.

  2. oh wow.. 😦 I mean I know my kids think I’m mean but damn I have never done nothing to them like that.. I won’t EVER degrade them and say I regretted having them or anything.. that’s not for them.. its not their fault.. she coulda took a trip t othe clinic.. damn hopefully he won’t kill her in her sleep or nothing. but grow up to be a great lil man and look at her and laugh..

    ok that was mean but ya’ll get what I’m saying!

  3. You are so right being a parent is a privilege. I know at 26 I am not ready for the committment it takes to be anyone’s parent. Some people need a license to have kids.

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