Speak english muddafugga……

Man listen…….

I get this weird out the blue phone call tonight from Citibank talking about my account past due heading towards delinquent status. Delinquent?!?! Hold the fuck up? I pay my shit on time every month! What you mean delinquent??!?!?

She goes on to explain it and get a payment out of me. Okay, cool, whatever. Get off the phone. I’m checking my account on-line and it has a big phat “$0” in the minimum payment due field. In fact I see all of my recent activity but still nothing under my minimum payment due.

Hmmm…..something’s weird……

So I call Citibank back. I’m explaining to the lady on the phone that I think something is wrong with the website because it’s not showing me a minimum payment due and I know I owe some money. Lady gives me my balance and minimum due. I tell lady I’m not seeing this on the website. She transfers me to a technical specialist.

Here’s where the shit goes wrong…

Immediately when the “specialist” gets on the phone, I hear the accent. She’s not from these parts. My call got transferred to someone over the Atlantic Ocean. DAMN….

As I’m trying to explain the problem for the 3rd time tonight, I tell her, my account info isn’t being updated. My card is due to expire but I haven’t registered the new card. (I figured out what the problem was). So I’m asking her if she can fix the website so the correct information is reflected and to give me a refund of the late fees charged and this dumb chick is telling me that I have the wrong login information.


We went back and forth, like it was a 3 Stooges, who’s on first routine….Refund? No, login. No refund. No sir, login. Arrrgghhhhhhh…..

Then she goes off on this tangent about how to login to the website. I’m already logged into the website. How the fuck am I telling you that my account information is wrong if I’m not looking at the website?!?! So in the middle of the sentence, I hung up on her.

I called back, hoping, praying I got someone in the States who spoke English. I did. I explained the problem for the 4th time and in 2 minutes everything was resolved.

Yeah umm Mr. and Mrs. Corporations. I know help out there is cheaper but it also irritates me and a million other people in this country. Any economy will struggle if you TAKE AWAY jobs. You don’t need Alan Greenspan or whoever the new guy is, to tell you that.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 15, 2007.

One Response to “Speak english muddafugga……”

  1. OMG.. my mom had this same issue.. I ended up hanging up and calling back and got the same results.. I hate the fact that they are outsourcing so many jobs overseas.. don’t make no damn sense!

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