Big Poppa….


One of the greatest to ever bless a microphone…..

I remember hearing dude for the first time. Freestyle on a Mister Cee mixtape. That shit was amazing. Damn near ingenious. It was raw. Real hip hop. A wordsmith.

He had Bed Stuy buzzing. I would go see my cousin and that’s all he would talk about. Then he had Brooklyn buzzing. Then NYC. Then everyone else. He blew up. Had Puff Daddy (not Diddy) by his side. Lil Kim before the plastic surgery. Biggie lyrics. Puffy jackin’ an old school beat. That was serious.

The infamous Tunnel nightclub in NYC. 12 midnight. Funkmaster Flex gets on the wheels of steel.

He does a roll call. See what boroughs are in the house. Yells out Bronx…plays a Big L song. Yells out Queens….plays a Mobb Deep song. Staten Island…that’s a Wu-Tang song…..

Saves Brooklyn for last. Well deserved right? Brooklyn always rolls deep. “Where’s Brooklyn at?” “Is Brooklyn in the house?” People yell back. Then this voice grabs the mic. “Yo, Flex, I don’t think they heard you. They ain’t loud enough. Is Brooklyn in the motherfuckin’ house?!?!?!” We all recognize the voice. The yells made my ears pop. Then it dies down. Then Flex drops the song.

B.I.G – Warning.

Who the fuck is this, paging me at 5:46 in the morning?!?!?!?!

So damn talented.

10 years ago his life ends over senseless bullshit. To me, it’s a lot deeper than a rapper killing another rapper (if that was even the case).

If dude was alive today, 90% of these rappers would be working at USPS (don’t be mad, USPS is hiring!!!!)

If dude was alive today, Jay-Z wouldn’t be as big as he was. The whole landscape of hip hop would be different, had he (and Pac and Big L and Big Pun) been alive.

But that’s the past.

R.I.P Biggie.

~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Big Poppa….”

  1. *pouring out a lil private stock for my man BIG*.. Son well done.. lovin da tribute.. WOW THE DAYS OF THE TUNNEL.. you took it back.. Love is Love.. BK all day.. Reppin always..

    R.I.P. Chris..

  2. RIP To My Man Chris Wallace. Did you know that he, Jay and Busta all went to Westinghouse? True Dat.

    Great tribute. We all miss him and he WAS Brooklyn.

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