Planning, Leading, Delegating…..Sit down..

This past weekend I spent most of my time helping with surprising a friend for their birthday. (Hope you enjoyed playa!) Now originally I was only….(noticed I said only) asked to submit a list of people that should be invited and be the decoy for the night but as the actual day grew closer and closer, my list of responsibilities grew…..exponentially.

First off, if you’re planning an event and you can’t handle majority of the responsibility yourself, then either you need to step down and let someone else run the show or ask for help. And when someone volunteers, you should probably take their help. Planning something like a party is a daunting task and unless you do that shit full time, you’re going to need a hand or two or three.

Secondly, if you’re “brand new”, in my opinion, you probably shouldn’t undertake a task like this either. “Brand new” can have multiple meanings but for the sake of this entry, it is those who just met and/or are just got in a relationship. There’s too many risks involved. How do you plan a surprise party for someone and invite friends that even YOU haven’t met? (we’ll save the brand new topic for another entry)

All in all, things went well. I think I should have been nominated for an Academy Award. Best Actor is at Surprise Party goes to “Fresh” for being…ummm…fresh! HA!

As always, I noticed a few things in the planning and party process.

#1 – It’s called a Cash Bar which means you have to pay for your damn drinks! Dumb asses. Just because you see a bar and you didn’t pay admission, don’t mean the shit free. Some people have no fuckin’ sense.

#2 -Calling all Freeloaders – please report to the Exit. I repeat, all Freeloaders, please report to the Exit. We had a few of those. They don’t do shit. Don’t volunteer for shit. Just eat and drink all the shit. And they didn’t even pay for the drinks! They hit you and everyone else with the “Can you get me on this one?” Cheap bastards.

#3 -The Worry-Bee’s – Yep, had a few of these too. “Well what if he finds out?” “What if someone tells?” “How you gonna get him out the house?” “What if people don’t like the food?” …..Argghhhh…..What if you just shut the fuck up?!?!?!

#4 – The GBDC’s (the George Bush/Dick Cheney’s) aka The Fake Leaders – These people wanna be all vocal and in the forefront accepting all the praise when shit goes right, but the minute it hits the fan, they’re either no where to be found or they don’t know how to answer a fuckin’ question. Walking around with that clueless look that Dubya has when the press is grilling him on a topic. If you did something, take the credit. If you didn’t do it, give the credit. It’s that simple.

#5 – The Critics – Man, these jokers right were close to getting the black smacked off them. They had a comment about everything. “I can’t believe they made us pay for drinks”. “Who is she?” “I don’t see what he sees in her” “Who picked this place, it is just not convenient, I would have had it here or there” and then the best comment of them all “If I was the one planning it….blah blah blah” You were on the list when said planner asked for help. Why you ain’t step up?!?! As soon as I heard a comment, I said something. By the end of the night, with a couple of drinks, I couldn’t resist. And you don’t even know me. You “brand-new’s” friend….

Man listen, chiggedy check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self…


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on March 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Planning, Leading, Delegating…..Sit down..”

  1. Well, I am an event planner by trade so don’t get me started on a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

    Actions not words!

    I plan most functions alone for this very reason. Everyone loves to criticize but no one wants to do the work.
    Shouts out to Ice Cube!

  2. For this reason, when it’s time to plan a party it’s usually me and two other usual suspects, no one else bothers to volunteer, and it’s probably better that way. But I hate the critics… “I would have had it at XYZ”. To them I usually say, well if you give me $$$ we can move this party over there right now. They usually give me a screwface and we move on.

  3. “I think I should have been nominated for an Academy Award. Best Actor is at Surprise Party goes to “Fresh” for being…ummm…fresh! HA!”

    LOL you are such a nut!

    Despite the inevitable ish when dealing with negroes, I’m happy to hear the party was a success. Good job punk! So you are good for SOMETHING, huh? LOL

  4. Like 1969, I am an event and meeting planner (day job and on the side), so I feel you abouts folks underestimating what it takes and then complaining on the back end. UGH!
    Hope your buddy had a good time!

  5. LOL see you coulda called me and I coulda planned it for ya 🙂 LOL but anywhoo.. yeah like others here.. i do that by day *part of my day job* and I love to do it on the side for CERTAIN folks.. but you and the academy award had me dying.. and all them folks you were talking bout ESPECIALLY THE FREELOADERS.. WTF

  6. LMAOOOOOOO @ the GBDC fake leaders…..LMAOOOOO @ Bush looking clueless.

  7. Some people need a reason to complain about anything. If they hit mega millions for 100 million dollars they would complain that they didn’t hit the big jackpot for 300 million.

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