Talk about a shocker…

I pick up the paper today….Front page….Washington Post……story reads “Sharpton’s Ancestor was Owned By Thurmon”

Huh? What?

I had to read. You can read about it here too—>”read me

In what is arguably the most bizarre story of this short year, Al Sharpton finds out that his ancestors were once owned by ancestors of Strom Thurmond. (yes the Strom Thurmond, the notorious racist, the same dude who promised to preserve segregation yet was tapping his black housekeeper on the side)

Al was shocked. Hell I would be to.

Al was angered. Hell, I would be to.

Al was accepting. Hell, I would be to.

What can you do? It’s a part of our history that will not be erased. Maybe why that’s how Al got that fight in him.

I’m sure we’re all in the same boat (no pun intended) if we were to trace back our roots. Who used to own my ancestors? Who were my ancestors being sold to? Maybe Bill Gates used to own my ancestors. I can see it now. “Umm..excuse me Mr. Gates but you owe me some of those billions because your great uncle Ned was tapping my great-great-grandmother’s uncle’s sister’s cousin’s niece Sallie Mae”

I really would like to trace back my roots. I mean way back. Hell, after I find some stuff out I might go look for that person. Can you see me knocking on the door of some random person in North Carolina talking about we’re linked??!?! That would blow their mind!!!!

Regardless, I think everyone should know their history.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “Talk about a shocker…”

  1. LOL you everytime I see this story I laugh because I think.. DAMN WHAT IS GOING THROUGH AL’S MIND? the same people he DESPISED he is linked too.. but yes it is good that we all know our history.. I had to do that so I can understand because I got tired of my older siblings calling me a mut LOL

  2. ok so did I confuse you enough? LOL

  3. I totally agree! I know my lineage only on my mom’s side…NONE were slaves. Not one. My family began with a rich white man who I think is my great great great great great grandfather or some shit. Anyway he had a black wife…moved from London or something but anyway I have no clue about my dad’s side but I would love to know.

    This Al Sharpton shit really make me wonder about that side of my family though. How does one even begin to dig into all that though?

    I have no idea.

  4. That’s crazy. I would like to think my ancestors were owned by Bill Clinton. LOL

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