Turn the lights out…

You wanna know why I’ve been a blog writing slacker?!?!?

I asked someone to do a weather dance on Monday night. I didn’t want to make my trip on Tuesday. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the person I was going on the call with. Woke up Tuesday morning. Barely anything on the ground. Lying ass weather people! Get home Tuesday night, again, another request to do a weather dance.

Feb 14th – 4:30am- Lights out. I mean out. House turns pitch black. Look outside. Whole neighborhood out. Pitch damn black. Can’t see shit outside my window.

Crawl back in bed thinking two things. One, the power will be back on soon enough. Two, maybe I’ll sleep past the time I need to be at work and blame it on the power. Neither happened.

Wake up. Ice all over the damn place. 4 hours past. No electricity. Call bossman. Fuck a sale. Priorities in line. Fam comes first.

Find all the blankets in the house. Cuddle up under the covers. Answer a million questions from the shorty. “Daddy, how come the electrizznity is out?” By the 100th time she asks the question, I give her the smart ass technical answer. Start preaching electrical engineering shit to her. Damnit, my degree came in handy. It shuts her up. Way back in the day, I was one asking that question only remove the “daddy” and replace with “mommy” and change the reply to something to the effect of being late on paying the bill. Harsh flashback. Walking around the apartment in my damn winter jacket, boiling water because the hot water wasn’t working, turning on the stove because we needed heat.

Call to Pepco. False promises. You’ll have power by 10am. Yeah right.

8 hours later. Couldn’t deal. Think quick Fresh. Had to transport the fam. Get to some heat. It’s fuggin’ 25 degrees outside. 50 and vastly decreasing inside. My nuts are freezing. Pepco lied.

Someone’s else house. We got heat. Someone else’s bathroom. Someone else’s small ass guest bed. This is cruel. Shovel their driveway and walkway. Least I could do. After a all, I officially cockblocked her dude from getting some V-Day ass. That’s even more cruel. Someone else’s internet. I jacked it using wireless. I could’ve done more damage. It’s amazing how many people don’t secure their shit.

New day. New morning. Same result. No damn power. Pepco has pissed me off past the point of pisstivity.

Gotta go to work. Worried about the house. No power. Shit running off AC. AC don’t last that long which means my house is vulnerable. Walk away with my shit with ease. People ask why I’m so paranoid. My answer: I was raised in Brooklyn.

8pm tonight. 40 hours later. Pepco calls my cell phone asking if my power is on. You tell me you dumb fucks. I ain’t home!

Finally, back up in my house. Back up in blogland. Feel like I’ve been gone forever.

Rough week. Can’t wait for the weekend.

Bartender, I’ll take it straight. No chaser.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 15, 2007.

9 Responses to “Turn the lights out…”

  1. damn.. see what happens when ya’ll live in da UPPER lol šŸ™‚ nah but seriously I’m glad things have worked out.. now stop harrasing that baby! LOL

  2. That sucks. I’m buying the drinks…what do you want?

  3. Dang, that’s rough. Glad it’s over. And people ask me why I don’t like winter. Hell – IT’S COLD!!

  4. Sorry Sweetheart

  5. LOL @ electrizznity

    Soooo cute!

    Don’t be tryna confuse that baby with your $5 engineering words! Answer her questions, punk! You never know, might have another Einstein on your hands. LOL

    Glad things are back to normal in Fresh’s world.

  6. @BK – Yep, I’m repping the UPPER but it felt more like the LOWER with no damn lights.

    @1969 – I’ll take a Grand Marnier please. Thank you! LOL

    @MsJayy – I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought that groundhog said only a few more weeks!!!!!

    @Divine – It’s all good babes. I’m okay now!

    @Single Ma – I’m not stuntin’ her intellectual growth but when you get the same question 100 times in a 10 min span, what you want me to do?!?!?!?

  7. That would piss me the fuck OFF. OMG, HOW RIDICULOUS!

    One thing I don’t miss is living on the cold ass East Coast.

    ROFL @ “Daddy, how come the electrizznity is out?”

    That is too cute.

  8. Ugh! Sorry to hear it. Our blinked out for about 4 hours and then came back on. Normally a SUV can roll down the street too fast and knock our power out. *lol*

  9. Man I had an apartment like that a few years ago. Our lights were always going out on the hottest of days. I can totally empathize with your situation. Also, how is pepco going to ask you if your lights are on or not when they are doing the job to fix it…hellloooo in there.. hahahhahaha. Im glad you are up and rolling again.

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