5 things you don’t know…(the remix)

The Diva from BK tagged my ass with this so I gotta do it…….(well I don’t have to, she don’t own me…I mean who does she think she is!!!!) Let me stop. She’s cool peoples and she’s reppin’ BK, so here it goes…

5 MORE things you don’t know. You think you know, but damnit, you have NO idea…

Numero uno – I’ve always been afraid to fugg a white woman. Why? I always thought that if I did it, somebody would knock on my door at night with some hoods on and hang me. I mean damn, dude got killed for whistling so imagine what the hell they would do with me if I actually tap dat ass? Hang me. Put me on trial. Same shit. Different time period. Right Kobe? OJ? But nah, no racist shit, it’s just not my cup of tea. I need soul and hips and attitude and flavor and a whole bunch of other black woman qualities. “Is it the reach of their arms, the span of their hips, the stride of their steps, the curl of their lips” Lawwwwwd. I was feeling poetic for a second. Damn, I love my sisters.

Deux – I’m a motherfucker. Nah really, I am.

Tree (that’s Jamaican for “three”)– There’s only one friend outside of internet land that knows I blog and I’d like to keep it that way. (That was an indirect message to that person!) I’d like to keep my privacy to myself. Well….I guess it isn’t really private if I’m sharing it with y’all. But damnit, this is where I vent. Talk shit like this…..

Shi – When I’m hitting it, I grab the hips or ankles (depending on the position) and ask off the wall shit like……”why you ain’t buy the regular Doritos? huh? wha? did I say I like Cool-Ranch?!?!?!” or “fuck u ain’t buy that stock for? huh? u see what the fuck the analysts said”…….Nah I’m playin…or maybe I’m not..;)

Five – I gotta be careful with this one but I love like shopping for the women in my life. That’s what I get being raised by a single mom. Had me up in A&S all the damn time. Now I just like it. I’m not talking about going in Vicki’s for some thongs and shit. I’m talking outfits, shoes, purses, accessories. It’s all good……….

You know, I think I need to come up with my own damn questionnaire…..Hmmmmm….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on February 7, 2007.

9 Responses to “5 things you don’t know…(the remix)”

  1. cool.

  2. OMG..he said A&S.. OMG hahahaaa but that’s where I got my first gucci bag LOL hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa hilarious!!! hahahaaa teeheheeee

    and you and them damn positions.. da hell!

  3. Lordie, lordie, my NYer’s. Growing up, we used to walk to the A&S on Fulton Street in Hempstead, Long Island, almost every weekend. Just because we could. *lol*
    Ya’ll remember TSS or was that just in Long Island?

  4. A&S? Wow…you going waaay back. And I am sorry but the Cool Ranch were on sale 🙂

  5. LMAOOOOOOO @ Shi! You posta focus mane! You know the rodeo is a mental exercise. LOL

    You gets much respect for numero cinco. *hats off to you twin*

  6. @ Bklyn, TDJ and 1969 – You know damn well A&S was the shit!!!! I remember that place vividly!!!!!

    And 1969 – I don’t care the Cool Ranch was on sale. Damnit I like the regular joints!!!!!

    Single Ma – I be focusin’ homie! I got dis 😉

  7. I respect you so much broth….so much after reading that one!

  8. #1- I think you are one of a few. Now days I’m noticing black boys bringing their yt women in the hood to live.
    #3-Me to.
    #4- uh, you are married, otherwise I would tell you to hit the highway and make it on down to Baltimore(joke).
    5. My type of man.

  9. LMAO @ Shi. I just betchu do. Prolly swivel yo hip to da left when you ax too.

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