Random Thoughts

It’s Wednesday. Hope everyone had a good day. Mine was a’ight. No complaints but it did spawn a few random ass thoughts.

1 – Damn. First, Lovie Smith, then Tony Dungy. Two African-American coaches in the Super Bowl. Not exactly the teams I wanted (I was rooting for the Saints) but you know what….WE CAN’T LOSE. We’re going to make history, one way or another. February 4th. First weekend in February. Black History Month. How ironic?

2- By the way guess which one of the aforementioned coaches is married to one of “them”? Not that it matters. I’m over the days when I might get pissed but I was having a discussion just the night before about athletes and white women.

3 – It’s amazing to me how corny dudes are nowadays. I went out to the Wizards basketball game last Saturday night and then out for drinks (a ritual of sorts with the boys). Now when you’re at the bar and it’s crowded you hear things. I can’t believe dudes still use corny ass wack pick up lines. Let’s see I heard “Sup baby, lemme holla at you” as he grabs her hand. I heard something like “Damn ma, your eyes are speaking to me” or this one “Sup ma, can I take you home?” It was just crazy. I laughed. A LOT. Some ladies fell for it. Others dismissed dudes quickfast. I didn’t think pick up lines still existed. Fellas, do I have to put in another post for this?!?!?! You know what my pick up line was back in the day? I would wait till those dumb ass dudes got rejected, then roll up on the girl with a simple “Hello, how are you?” followed by a compliment or joke about the dumb ass dude she just rejected. 😉 But you know what happened that night? I became the residential boyfriend for the night. “Oh sorry, this is my man” LOL. Hey, I got a free drink out of my service and her friends became my friends and my friends became her friends and for the night, we were all friends………

4 – I’m really not a big fan of Ciara and her song Promise really irritates me. I think it all stems from that time I saw her perform by accident at Love, or Dream or whatever the hell they call that club now. She was the worse.

5 – I’m really not a big fan of recycled concept songs like Hood Boy. Sorry Fantasia. It’s a mess. I get the point already. MC Lyte said she needed a RuffNeck. Shareefa needed a Boss. I’m sure there are others. You need a thug hood boy boss ruffneck till they beat your ass right?

6 – Listen, when it snows, clear off the whole front, back and side windows of your car. Not just the windows you plan on looking through. That shit is irritating.

7 – And puh-leeeeez, drive with some damn caution. You dumb fuggas ain’t take physics?!?!?!?!?! Speed+the coefficient of friction on a wet surface = your ass in a guardrail * (multiplied) by 100 = Fresh late for fuggin’ work due to idiocrasy.

8 – Why even bother going to the gym if you’re going to smoke a cigarette and drink a Coke as SOON as you step foot out the gym?

9 – Look this is the last time I’m saying this. LEAVE THE FUCKING SUNGLASSES AT HOME when you’re headed to a club, bar, happy hour AND it’s already dark out. That shit is not cute. Far from it. You ain’t Beyonce. You look STOO-PID.

10 – Yeah that Louis Vutton bag you got is hot but ummm….how you gonna pay your rent?!?! And yeah man, those rims are tight but ummmm….ain’t you 3 months behind on child support?!?!

11 – Well well well Mr. Vick.. maybe you’re not such a weed head after all….http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2738494

12 – I think I’m one of the few people left on this planet without a MySpace page. Maybe I’m just recovering from BlackPlanet.

13 – God bless all the women who wear those sweater freak’em dresses……..*singing…put yo’ freak’em dress on….*

14 – How come I never see any black kids on Nanny 911???


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. LMAO hahahaaaa hahaaaaa wow random you are!!! *and you know he paid them boys to NOT let that bottle be positive of that dere narcotic!!!

  2. You know I cannot tolerate when people do not clean all the snow off the car. How about when they clean the windows and leave a big chunk on the top of the car like they carrying around luggage.

    You and me both when it comes to Myspace. I can count on one hand how many times I visited the website. I still do not see what all the hype is about.

    If there are black kids on Nanny 911 they have to rename the show to ” Am gonna beat your azz, now call 911″.
    My blood pressure goes up every time I watch the show. Last week there was a 9 year old I wanted to baby sit for a day.

  3. #10-Preach.
    #5- I can’t stand these type of songs either. Why can’t somebody make a song for all the hard working square dudes out there.
    #2- Sad, why are so many black men obsessed with white women.

  4. WOW. Loving your random thoughts. LOL
    #1 – talk about black history! Dayum shame it’s just happening BUT…it is happening. Whoo-frigging-hoo!
    #5 – don’t forget Destiny’s Child & ‘Soldier’ (where dey at, where dey at?)
    #10 – *Heavy Sigh*
    #12 – I have a MySpace page & I’on even think I understand the hype myself

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