Nuff tings a gwon….

This is a short post week.


Fresh a gwon vacation seen….(did that give it away?) Well one of Fresh’s friend is getting the gun put to his head…oooops…I mean joining the ranks of marital bliss…..Destination wedding.

Where you say?

Here are some hints! I usually don’t do excessive YouTube post but damnit, this is an exception.

Big up Pac…Forgot you were in this joint….


Trailer Load…….

You figure it out yet? Here’s more hints

A virtuous woman is really hard to find…….

The only Supercat joint I could find…Yo, check Puffy…LMAO….

Wow….Disssss Generation!!!!!!

King of Dancehall…

Okay, damnit somebody find the girl dancing in this video and tell her to call me!!!

Nice chune..

Da wickedest…..

Okay that’s enough…..a’ight one more….Up in the street, dey call it MUUUUURRDDEERRRRR!!!!


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 24, 2007.

6 Responses to “Nuff tings a gwon….”

  1. LMAO have fun in Jamaica.. LOL hahahahaaaaa bun a spliff or two while u dey!

  2. Dolly My Baby…The Remix is still that sh*T!

    Have fun in JA. If you ar eheaded to Half Moon Bay…it’s fantastic. Have a Red Stripe and some Jerk Chicken from the side of the road for me.

  3. Oooh, have fun a yahd!

  4. Enjoy JA…..and have a Red Stripe and some curry goat for me.
    Dolly My Baby Remix is the sh*t!

  5. Have fun nah JA. Don;t bother wid BKDiva stay way from di ganga before you no loose you mind dung dey so.
    Boss mek sure fi bring back one souvenir fi me. Safe trip.

  6. I wonder what happened to Patra. I use to love her so much.

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