Spanking is illegal….

No this isn’t a freaky deaky post (although I’ll spank that too!) this is about spanking your kids…..

I’m sure you’ve heard this story by now. If not, read it here

A California assemblywoman is proposing legislature to make parents do jail time and pay a fine if they spank their kids.


Well, put my mom in an orange jumpsuit and send her ass to Rikers cause she should be serving life in prison!!!!! Fresh used to get his bell rung the fuck up by acting out on many occasion!!!!!!!

C’mon man, this is crazy. You can’t do shit anymore. The government wants to tell you how to raise your kids, next thing you know they’ll be telling you when to take a shit. No sir, your time to shit is at 8pm, it’s only 7:35pm – that’ll be $100.

According to the assemblywoman’s peoples, they are still working on refining their definition of spanking.

Sure you’re not supposed to physically beat your 2 year old like that lady did a few years ago in the Wal-Mart parking lot but when that lil fugga is pushing all your buttons, telling them to go to time out just doesn’t cut it for me. I take it to they ass. It’s a form of discipline and some of y’all with those bad ass kids need to do the same.

You know why I am the way I am now (get it?)….It’s because my ass got whooped. I’m talking I had to pick out the shit that she would whoop me with. How you gonna pick out the shit to get spanked with? You’re picking your own weapon for torture. Take the belt Fresh. Take the belt. There was no shame in Mama Fresh’s game. If I embarrassed her somewhere, she’d ring that ass until I got the point that (a) she’s mad and (b) I did something fucked up. Then she’d always add “A hard head makes for a soft bottom”……

Oh spanking isn’t right for the child. Bullshit. Having a child disrespect me isn’t right. That’s why y’all non-spanking people end up on shows like SuperNanny and Nanny 911. Calling for help to help you with your kids? Fugg outta here. All those kids on those shows are bad but put it to they ass and watch how they shape up. Quick.

You think I’m gonna let some bad lil fuggas run my house? Are you crazy? I’m the authority there. I pay the damn bills. (Damn I sound like my moms)

I aint’ gonna lie y’all. I’ve spanked my daughter before – a couple of times. She’s gotten different variations of the open hand 5 finger joint. Variation #1 is the quick hit. That’s when you just stop as soon as you make contact with their skin. That creates the stinging effect. Variation #2 is the full force joint. You gotta follow through after you hit the skin cause you want it hurt a little bit.

NOW some of you have boys who eat whole people and shit. They 6 years old and bigger than you. So of course, neither of those methods will work so you might have to give them a spunch. Yes a spunch. It’s a spanking punch damnit.

But ask me if she do the shit she got spanked for now? Go ahead Whitney say it “HELL TO THE NAH” She even tell other kids don’t do whatever it was she did.

My spankings are temporary. They heal and then I explain why she got to’ up. Far worse with deeper wounds are those parents that degrade their kids verbally. Those are ones that need to be put in jail. “You ain’t shit just like yo’ daddy”, “You ain’t gonna be shit”. That’s what creates the real wounds.

And this damn lady, the assemblywoman HAS NO KIDS and proposing this shit.

Shut the hell up.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “Spanking is illegal….”

  1. LMAO @ spunch! Silly rabbit!

    This proposed legislation doesn’t pass the BS sniff test. It won’t make it. After the hag has a child, then she can tell me how to raise mine.

    If it does gain momentum, they mind as well put the shackles on cuz I whoops me some azz! I’m the one who carried that child for 9 months and went through 16 hours of labor. And I’ve raised an articulate, well mannered, responsible, confident young lady…if I do say so myself. Hmph! Now that she’s 14, I don’t have to spank anymore because I’ve laid the foundation (something lacking in many children). Teens will be teens so I choose my battles, but I won’t hesitate to crack the whip if necessary.

  2. hey single ma said it right! and my momma whooped me and I whoop my kids.. I’ll be damn.. my daughter is going to be 13 and she tells her friends quick.. NAH.. I can’t do that.. she knows I will put it to her!!! my son at 8 knows you do what I say you get whatever you want.. you disrespect me or disobey me.. YOU GET JACKED UP!!!

    and like you fresh.. yeah we had to pick our weapon.. unless it was a pot spoon or skillet cause she was cooking.. LOL

  3. Kids need fear and respect. Period. I don’t believe in Beating kids for sport but spanking is a form of discipline. My oldest has gotten two spanking in his short life…for both of those offenses, he has never repeated the behavior. Works in my house.

  4. I don’t have kids yet, but best believe when I do, I won’t be scared to light some azz up if I have to. My mama didn’t hesitate to jack me up with whatever was available (depending on the severity of the offense lol), then explain to me why I was getting to’ up. I thank her for all of that, because I came out fairly well if I do say so myself. Stayed far away from the “other side of the tracks” so to speak.

  5. People who don’t have children love to tell those that do how to raise their children(I do all of the time). A light spanking is something that most kids deserve at some point in time.

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