Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

It’s only Friday (Thank God it IS Friday though) AND it was short work week for some of you. (not me because I work for the establishment)

BUT this was a CRAZY week especially in the news.


First this dude right here, Virginia Delegate Hargrove says that blacks should just get over slavery. “I personally think our black citizens should just get over it” Just get over it?!?!? Are you serious?!?!?!? Let me try beating your ass for 400+ years and subdue you and call you out your name and rape your women and break the foundation of the your family and sell your ass at an auction and hang your ass for not being obdient and beat your ass for trying to read and get an education and keep your fucking ankles in shackles and implant disparity between those that are light and those that are dark and keep you mentally oppressed……Then see if your ass can get over it…..Dumb fuck.


Then this dude right here is getting blasted because he used the word “faggot” one too many times. Obviously the network is in an uproar “we will not tolerate such…blah blah blah” His co-stars are outraged. Everybody is having a hissy fit over it and rightfully so. The term is derogatory. I guess it’s the equivalent to calling me a n*gger and yes, I would be pissed – ask Michael Richards. I gotta be real though, growing up, I heard people use the term all the time. They didn’t have a word for it I guess. This was before things became politically correct like “African-American” or “gay”. Times have changed. People are more accepting but some of us can’t de-program ourselves from social ills that easily. If you’ve always called someone a “faggot”, that’s programmed in your head and you will always do it until someone corrects you (more than once). But as someone in the limelight, they are always going to hang on to your words so he should’ve been a tad bit more careful.


But this dude right here. He takes the cake. No, he takes the whole fucking bakery! Atlanta Falcons (for now) quarterback Michael Vick and his world famous water bottle. It seems like every year this dude is in the news. He’s flipping the bird at some fans, he’s complaining about his coaches, he got burned (not fire burn but STD burned) by some chick, his brother is a fuck-up and now this.

Allegedly, he tried to board a plane from Miami to Atlanta with a water bottle that had a compartment. In that compartment he had some trees, weed, ganja, sticky-icky,ooo-wee, chronic, nickelbag, damnit I can go on for days. Security at the airports smells it, finds it, and contains dude before letting him go. No charges have been pressed.

Gimme a minute…………………………………………………………………. okay


You’re trying to sneak a water bottle with weed on the plane? What were you going to do with the weed on the plane? You can’t smoke it son!!!.


C’mon man. We all know you dump the joint before you get the airport. You call your boys in the ATL. Be like, yo, T.I., I need some dat bomb-by-zee, I land in 60 minutes. And he’ll hook you up!!!

Damn I hate when black people do stupid shit. Then of all places you try to hide it in a water bottle.

The Patriot Act isn’t just for the A-rabs dummy. It’s for us too. So when you go to the airport, Mr. Vick, they’re going to look at you funny too. You get no exception because you’re a pro football player. You’re black, just like me.

The other thing that’s funny about this whole situation is this dude signed a contract for $137 million over like 6 years…that’s like over $20 million a year. With that kind of loot, WHAT THE FUCK YOU FLYING AIRTRAN FOR?!?!?!?

It wasn’t all bad this week. Big up Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy for their Golden Globes. (oh yeah, BKDiva, I read your post. Jennifer Husdon’s version of the song is good but it’s not Jennifer Holiday GOOD. )


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 19, 2007.

10 Responses to “Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest”

  1. Isaih Washington is an idiot. He is not an A-list actor by any means and he was getting his shine on finally in Grey’s Anatomy. He is great on the show. A strong black male character on one of TV’s top rated shows. This is the equivalent of a white person calling a black person a n*gger.
    It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using the word your whole life….it’s no longer socially acceptable and it’s offensive to the group of people you are speaking to. As a minority, he should get it. He is ruining his career. Dumb azz.

    As for Micheal Vick…I think he is a spokesperson for AirTran so I will excuse that one but DAMN. Who purchases a spy bottle of water with a secret compartment for your illegal contraband?
    Is that why Lindsey Lohan is always hugging a bottle of water and taking it with her to the bathroom for extended periods of time? Damn. I missed this whole fad. He is a straight idiot.
    I am done. Good post.

  2. Damn son! Can you warn a sista next time? I come to your page ready to get my laugh on and edumukated by your hidden messages. But soon as the page loads, I’m visually assaulted by a wrinkled mofo with a big azz pink head. That’s foul!

    Antyhoo, all of ’em are idjits! Erry last one of ’em! Aint worth the money they make or the good sense God gave ’em.

    *thinking* Hmm, Miami must have the good stuff.

  3. 3 Fools!
    *lol* @ “No, he takes the whole fucking bakery!”

  4. ROFLMFAO @ you commentary to the Virginia dude. You are so right. This guy is totally out of touch with reality. Fuckstick.

    And Isaiah disappointed me big time. I have LOW tolerance for intolerance and folks dogging the gays out. That shit pisses me right the fuck off. That guy never did anything to him. Just what we need, another black man showing his ass totally unprovoked and pissing scores of people off.

    #3 the football player…wow what an assclown. He will be sentenced to a slap on the wrist though so it’s really no big deal.

  5. The VA delegate should be preparing to get over the fact that he should be fired for his statement.

    I’m really disappointed in Isaiah. He has so much to lose, he needs to be careful with the things that come out of his mouth.

    Michael Vick, well…let’s just say it doesn’t surprise me.

  6. You know, most white people don’t want to deal with slavery and all of its repucussions. Most whites would prefer if we never mentioned slavery at all.
    As for the football dude, he is as cute as he can be but dumber than a bag of rocks. Man, he making all that money and to cheap to throw away a little bit of weed.

  7. As a native of Virginia, I just want to share the new tourism slogan. It’s been changed from “Virginia is for lovers” to “Virginia is for lovers & idiotic elected officials”. He also insulted Jewish people by saying “If we apologize to Blacks, are we going to ask the Jews to apologize for crucifiing Christ?”. Isaiah…I have no words & apparently, neither should he. Michael Vick…another fine VA product.

  8. @1969 – I couldn’t agree with you more. I would’ve thought Isaiah would get “it” being a minority. Guess not.

    @Single Ma – I guess Miami does have that good stuff!!!

    @TDJ – Fools is an understatement

    @Mistress – Fuckstick?!?!? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    @BellaNoire – You know what? The Michael Vick thing didn’t surprise me either. But still….

    @Beauty – Most white people seems to suffer from slavery amnesia. But if the tables were turned…….

    @MsJayy – VA is reppin’ huh?

  9. Man listen.. that delegate from VA.. just like the majority of them.. ASSHOLES.. he probably got a black maid still that’s a live in.. *sigh* but I digress

    Isaiah.. man whew.. this dude continues to DISAPPOINT me.. can he just go back to being Savon on Love Jones.. but then again he was a triflin ass negro then LOL *that’s what his wife called him..LOL again I digress Michael Vick.. DUMB ASS FOR REAL.. don’t make no sense..

    and fresh.. i don’t care how much you are used to using a certain word.. sometimes you gotta learn to let that shyt go.. but as a minority ya’ll right you woulda thought but we assuming he got SENSE.. LOL

    LMAO @ Miami mus got that good stuff.. *I’m saying its straight off da port* LOL

  10. Hmm, just read this report – maybe it wasn’t weed?

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