Did he just say……

I think it was just one of those things that was unexplainable.

Two nights in a row I had a problem falling asleep at a decent time. Friday night and Saturday night. Both nights I end up flipping through the channels only to land on HBO with some interesting programs.

The first…Hookers on the Point: Five Years Later or some shit like that. I remember seeing the first one and being from NYC, I know about the Point so I thought hmmm….let me see if they’ll have some interesting updates. So I’m watching this joint and they’re showing these prostitutes performing services on dudes (Okay, they don’t actually show it but these women are wearing a mic so you can hear what’s going on). “Oooohh..baby……yeah….sssssss…._______ my _______” (you can pretty much fill in the blanks with anything you want), dude busts, they move on. Most of what the hookers said was typical. They’re doing it for the money. They didn’t think they’d be in the game this long. Most of their clients are married. They help them live out their fantasies. Blah blah blah. They even talked about what gets their clients off. Okay, now this is where it got crazy. Some of the shit I heard was freakin’ nuts. (no pun intended) Like the one dude who liked it anal (giving it and taking it) but here’s the shit about this dude. He got off from the smell of the hooker’s ass and p*ssy AFTER she had sex with other dudes!!!!! That shit is weird. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard it and thank God for TIVO because I did rewind it a few times to make sure my ears were fucking with me.

So he goes on to ask her how many dudes she’s been with and she tells him. And he’s disappointed cause he wanted her to be with more. She tells him that he needs to come back a little later but still gets him off.

Huh? What? Did he sniff her ass? I mean, whatever floats your boat dude but the last thing in the world that will turn me on is the smell of a woman’s ass after 8 dudes done went up in her. YUCK!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier…..Saturday night is another Hooker program except this one is like Hookers in Honolulu. (produced by the same dude Brent Owens – he’s obviously obsessed with hookers). Here’s the catch with this one…these hookers were born dudes. Yes. They were he-she’s or she-males or transgender or “it” or whatever the hell people call them. And they were turning tricks on dudes left and right. Some customers wanted to get it from a he-she, other were talking about how surprised they are when they see the “hooker” has a penis (oh, they “tuck” it in while they “work”.). Hold up. Hold up. Hold the fuck up.

First of all, they “tuck” it in. That shit doesn’t hurt?!?!?! It’s gotta hurt. How do you walk with your sh*t tucked in?!??!?!?!

Second of all, what if you’re a customer and you just happen to want to use them for their services and they just HAPPEN to have a bulge in their “panties” and they HAPPEN to pull it out and it’s a d*ck? If that doesn’t appeal to you, wouldn’t you haul ass – RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO THE NEAREST AIRPORT AND STOP AND SHOWER AT EVERY DAMN BATHROOM. That shit ain’t right.

So I fell asleep with one conclusion.

There are some weird ass people in this world.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Did he just say……”

  1. Always…I got to stand up for the Transexual, Cross Dressers, and lovers of the world. I mean they have sexual desires and there are people that want them sexuality. You just ain’t one of them. I have heard some call straight people wierdos. Its just different, it ain’t bad or worst…just different.

    Yeah, there are plenty of men that love hookers….and there is an audience and a production company that is cashing in on that audience. Some hookers love to be hookers…

    Do you Love…do you. We know that ain’t your desire to smell a hookers coochie after her 8th client…but clearly ole boy came back.


  2. re: Honolulu, as long as every knows what’s up, I guess to each their own.

    Hubby and I used to live at 5th and M (NW DC). Before the “Urban Renewal”, you could ride up 5th street and see all the “women” waiting to get picked up. Most people familiar with the are know that they are really dudes, but I had a small chuckle at all the out of town plates.

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