Enough is enough.



Just when I thought 2006 gave me enough celebrity divorce drama, 2007 opens with this ish right here. Joumana and Jason Kidd – Splitsville, USA.

This is different though and ladies, you better listen up and be careful. Times are changing. Read the next line carefully. Repeat it until it sinks in.



For years now, you verbally abuse us with degrading statements. “N*gga you ain’t shit”. “Why don’t you be a man?” “Man up” Well how do you think that made us feel? Huh?

For years now, we have been victim to physical abuse. You know when you bop or smack us upside our head?

For years now, we’ve allowed you to treat us like…like…some conniving unfaithful specimens. You go through our cell phones, bug our cars, get your girlfriends to push up on us to see if we’ll try and hit it, burn our sh*t, hire Magnum PI to follow us all because you’re looking for evidence. Evidence of what? It’s evident that you don’t love me…….

For years now, you’ve used us. Made us into your boy toy. Only using us to get your rocks off but NEVER think about our feelings. What about our feelings?

Well, that’s it! We’ve had enough.

No more. We have a new advocate. Our new leader. Jason Kidd.

He had the courage to go to the district court and file for divorce and say, Damnit, I’m not putting up with this shit anymore!! So what she’s 5’2 and 105 lbs. She’s a monster. She’s a terror. Acting all sweet and shit. You can’t fool me. He’s the VICTIM! (okay, okay, he’s the victim NOW. we know, he smacked her up a bit a few years ago but the past is the past)

SO all hail Mr. Kidd.

Way to get your balls back!


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Enough is enough.”

  1. LOL but the charges back then were dismissed against him!!!!

    I’m glad he finally got his balls back.. hahaaa missy did something bout this too..you a damn mess.. LOL

  2. You so full of it. His punk azz need to be slapped again. G’on sat down somewhere! LOL

    *wavin* Wassup Funky Fresh!

  3. If he did not do anything wrong then hiss azz would not be in trouble. Man the fvck up, yeah. He think he got balls, she needs to whoop his azz again.

  4. Damn. Y’all are harsh. See what I’m talking about. The abuse!!!!

    **Wassup, BK, SingleMa and Tired**

  5. Alrighty…. I’m looking at him…. hmmm… 6’4″… her…. approximatelyyyyy 5’6″ …. in heels? 5’9″. I’m guessing she had to get a running start to swat him. You think she has a good vertical leap? I’m wondering if it was in slo-mo…. tongue hanging out…..*high pitch* WICKUP!!

    Or did she wait on him to go and lay down… putting him in a chokehold, like “GO ta sleep!”? *shrugging* Who knows? If this means we won’t hear from him again, unless he’s on the court, then he needs to gon’ and do what he’s gotta do and press on. We’ll get the other half’s story later. I’m almost sure of it.

  6. Dime pieces are mostly wooden nickels…don’t believe the hype.

    Peace and Hair Grease,

  7. All I can say is that their son has an unnaturally LARGE head.

  8. You ain’t EVEN right. Guess we know who blinked first in this staredown.

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