Let me confess (right away).

There are a lot of things that I’m addicted to. I mean pure addiction where I feel crackheadish over it.

Let’s see…there’s sex (yeah Eric Benet – I feel you son.), there’s a woman’s wardrobe for fall/early winter season (something about boots and wool overcoats that just turns me on), there’s sex, ummm, there’s Range Rovers (I will get one eventually), there’s black women,, there’s good music (yeah that’s addictive), there’s good conversation (that’s addictive), there’s sex (did I say that?) but most of all, I have an addiction for…GADGETS.

I am an undercover techie geek at times. Shhh!!! Don’t tell no one. You gonna ruin my rep. But I’m a truly a sucka for a phat ass, wait, phat product. Let’s see, there was the dual tape recorder back in the day. You mean I can actually record what’s on your cassette onto mine?!?!?! Then there was the Sony Walkman. You mean this little thing will play my cassette??!?!?! Then came CD players. What happened to my cassette??!?! I can’t record on this!!!! Then I copped the iPod- although somewhat late. Then came the wireless network in my house when most cats was still on dialup. You mean you’re on the internet without wires?!?!?!? Then TIVO. You mean I gotta get rid of my VCR?!?!? Then a smartphone – Treo. You mean….ahh…you get the point.

But lately, I haven’t budged. I haven’t bought a thing. I realized that buying a gadget hurts my pockets dearly. And the minute I spend, lets say $500 on it to be the first one on the block with it, someone else spends $150 for it about 2 months later. So I wait now. Also the first release of something is more prone to ‘bugs’ (techie talk). So for my pocket and sanity sake, I’ve learned to chill.

Until now….

Yeterday, Steve Jobs confirmed the long awaited rumors of the iPhone to go along with all the other iLife stuff that Apple has. (Yes I recently jumped on the other i”Stuff” bandwagon as Santa gave me a Macbook. Hey, I was good last year!). Well I’m here to tell you that this iPhone joint right here will end my gadget drought. No doubt about it. No buttons. All touch screens and a bunch of other crap to make me drop some money on it. Look at this thing…


Unbelievable. If you want to read more, go here

Products like this makes a company’s stock rise. Yesterday, Apple’s stock rose $7.10 to over $92/share which isn’t far off it’s 52 week high. With word spreading, I’m pretty sure it will pass it’s 52 week high (it probably passed it in after hours trading.)

The phone will be on Cingular’s network. (Damn you Verizon. All your phones sucks. You NEVER get any cool phones. EVER) And uuhhh excuse me Mr. Palm and Research in Motion (makers of Blackberry), what you gonna do now? (RIMM stocks dropped 11 points yesterday)

Well you know what I’m going to do. I’m buying it. I’m already on the email list. Now, I could change my mind but as it stands right now, you’ve got a customer, Mr. Jobs (and oh umm, my stock appreciates your announcement!)


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. I am first…I am so freaky cheap. I just use the lame ass cell phone that my employer pays for and allows me to use. I love the perks. It looks like a cool phone to have for business purposes….thinking.

    I am AADicked, too!

  2. I read about this on msnbc, looks good BUT there is no way in holy hell I would pay $500 for this thing!!! NO WAY! It’s nice conceptually but I like my shit seperate. I don’t want my talk time to be comprimised because I’m watching video’s and playing music on my phone. NO thanks. I’ll keep my iPod and regular cell phone just as I have it now…

    But, you’ll have to review this for us when you buy it!

  3. Son I was just talking to da mister about this yesterday!!! we both looking at each other like.. damn that’s gone cost us BOTH A GRIP.. if we get 2 phones.. everyone else in the house is on cingular but we are on nextel.. *shut up*.. LMAO @ the addictions.. Ok.. what year u come outta midwood? email me son!

  4. It does look like an amazing product and I am happy to hear about the enrichment of your stock portfolio. However, my Blackberry is currently paid for by my company. So it’s FREE.
    I won’t be switching over for a long time.

  5. My employer used to give us phones and pay for the service. Then they basically said fugg you, you’re on your own. Now they’re paying for service again, well partially. If I had FREE service and a FREE phone, there’s no way in hell I’d buy this thing. I’m addicted but not THAT addicted!

  6. hey i got a free blackberry too but I only use it for work.. NOPE.. THEY NOT TRACKING ME WHEN I’M SLICK.. OOPS SICK 🙂

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