Bloggy Blog…let me upgrade u…..

With Single Ma changing her layout over there left and right like it’s her underwear, I feel like I need to change my blog style up a bit. I mean damn, she got flowers and sh… and I got some plain ish. (By the way, BK Diva, that AKA comment was hilarious!)

You would think after 4 (ah-hem), 4+ years majoring in engineering I could hook up some programming and make my page do some fly shit. Ummm…negative. I avoided all programming classes like the plague. No seriously. I got my ass handed to me with the first programming class. And I had three more left. I even changed majors to avoid this one class. At the time, my GPA didn’t need that type of disappointment. Little did I know, other classes would disappoint my GPA later (discrete time systems?!?!?! I mean what the hell does that have to do with the things I do now…not a damn thing)

So I’m giving you fair warning. Over the next couple of days, you may see some funky shit on here. It won’t be leprechaun green (only a few people will get that) and it definitely won’t be pink (that is real fruity) but it may be jacked up.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Oh, the first change…my PF (personal finance) blog is gonna go sleepin’ with the fishes. I’m going to put that one to sleep like Bodie (damn son, you should’ve looked over your shoulder and not worried about Chris and Snoop!!!!!!) Only I will revive the blog. It will be re-incarnated. Re-invented. “Yes, we can rebuild him”

Seriously on my fi-nance ish…..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Bloggy Blog…let me upgrade u…..”

  1. My only request is that you don’t go for a black template!

    Ugh, I am sick of that mess.

  2. Hey Hey…look who’s back. Don’t worry Mistress, no black template!

  3. LOL u know 🙂 she know she was tripping! waiting to see the updates

  4. Y’all some punks! Don’t be over here talkin bout me! Hmph!

    Stop hating Fresh! You know you wanna see my underwear. LOL

    And Diva, I didn’t see your AKA comment until I read this. Actually, I had the same thoughts when I chose the template. I’m a Que lover myself so Delta would have been my line of choice. 🙂

    Y’all betta be glad I luv ya like a play cuzzins! LOL

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