I’m not talking about Dr. Dre’s soon to be released album (it’s been like that for YEARS).

I’m not talking about eating a bunch of vegetables and fruit and drinking nasty ass vegetable juice mixes for 7 days to make you shit out all the nasty toxins in your body.

Nor am I talking about getting butt jammed by a tube to splash some water on your colon. (Listen up doc, it’s bad enough I let you de-virginized the booty shoot for the colorectal exam but if you think a tube is going up there for some quick splash splash, you lost your damn mind!!!!!)

Sorry, I digress…..

Seriously though, people go through all these measures to get rid of toxins in their body but don’t do the same to free “themselves”. Right now, there are people in your life who you need to get rid of but you let them hang around and continue to fuck up your equilibrium. That’s some bullshit.

If you are or want to become a positive thinking, forward progressing moving person, then anyone that presents negativity to you needs to get their ass kicked to the damn curb. That’s my word. Just like you get rid of old clothes and shoes, you need to get rid of people too. They are toxic. Probably worse than the foods you eat that have toxins. Some people have NOTHING positive to say. NOTHING. It’s amazing. Fuck’em. They gotta go.

If I tell you I’m gonna quit work and become a male stripper/porn star named DICK CHAINEY, I expect to you say “Boy you crazy”…followed by “man, get that paper. Do that shit” (okay bad example – and don’t none of y’all take my nickname either! I might need it one day!) But I told someone my financial goals and where I might invest in stock and his response “I wouldn’t do that if I was you…I think you should change…blah blah blah”…He never has anything positive to say. So he’s cut. Snip Snip.

Some people just attract drama. Some people thrive off that shit. I can’t fuck with you. I had a lady friend and got caught up in all her shit. Crazy boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, cousins all up in my shit now because she’s attracting these fools. “Look ma, you got a phat ass, and I like the way it jiggle but you gotta go” Snip. Snip.

You ever have someone fuck you up so bad…….I mean bad to the point where you can’t do shit. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you get sick, you start crying, you get mad at yourself for letting it get that far…I mean… your whole damn demeanor is just…..just…..fucked up. You say you’re never gonna let that person do that shit again. But yet, you still have their number in your phone book and they’re still in your life and a few months pass and then…they do some other shit to make you have that feeling again???????? That’s toxic. They’re toxic. I used to go out with this girl and we would just go at it. I mean arguing all the damn time (the make up sex was good though) and I told her that our relationship was unhealthy. She didn’t believe me cause sometimes you try so hard to make shit work. Trying to put a damn square peg in a round hole. During the relationship, I would get these damn headaches that felt like they were crippling me. She had these chronic issues like backpain and all of a sudden had asthma. It was crazy. The minute we broke up, neither of us had those issues. Man I haven’t had a headache like that since her. We were each other’s toxins and poison.

By human nature, some of us are soft though. It’s hard for us to tell another person that we don’t want to be with them and it’s even harder for the person to accept it. You getting rid of me!?!?!? They just can’t deal with rejection. But little kids don’t have that problem. My 5 year old tells people left and right “I’m not your friend!” and doesn’t fuck with them no mo’.

Everybody in your life has a purpose. You had or have some toxic people in your life to make you tougher but also they’re there for you to recognize them so the next time you see the symptoms, you cut them out. Snip. Snip.

Erase their number, don’t answer the phone, keep your legs crossed. Do what you gotta do to get your sanity.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on January 2, 2007.

One Response to “DETOX”

  1. PREACH!!!! Whew.. *thank god I got rid of them toxins*!!!!

    See why I ain’t tell nobody my goals??? cause everybody can’t see your success they trying to take you down!!!!

    *give them da boot*

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