You sure you cooked it?

Damnit, it’s been a long day already and it’s not even 3pm yet.

I was up at 4am. Yes, 4 am. Me and the porcelain God apparently had an appointment I forgot about.

Middle Finger U Mr. Food Court Hibachi man. NEXT TIME COOK THE DAMN SHRIMP!!!!! I didn’t want Sushi.

Timeline of Events:

Fresh at mall to attempt to buy something with given gift cards.

Mall was nuts (I’ve never seen so many damn kids and hoodrats in the mall)

Fresh had no patience so prepared to leave.

Fresh is hungry. Fresh needs food. Fresh doesn’t feel like cooking.

Fresh hits up Hibachi Grill takeout joint in food court for some Teriyaki Chicken.

Fresh has a taste for shrimp and adds that to his order.

Fresh watches the cook place chicken and rice in his platter. Cook forgets shrimp.

Cook pulls out shrimp and begins to cook it.

Fresh receives phone call on cell phone. Member of the crew. Fresh answered. Says let me call you right back.

Fresh’s conversation lasted no more than 1 minute.

Fresh turns around. Cook hands Fresh his bag with food in it.

Hmmmmmm…..thinks Fresh. That was damn fast.

You cook the shrimp? asks Fresh

Ye…ah….Yeah….we-a-cooka-this-shrimp-for you.

You sure you cooked it? That was kind of fast.

Ye…ah…Yeah…of course…we-a-cooka-this-shrimp-for you.

Fresh takes bag. Fresh goes home. Mall still nuts.

Fresh eats. In the middle of the meal, Fresh realizes something doesn’t taste right. Fresh stops eating.

Fresh ____________________ (nuh uh……not saying it) then heads to bed.

4am…Fresh stomach begins to bubble.

4:05…Fresh on toilet………..

4:09…Fresh curses out Hibachi cook from the toilet.

Repeat cycle 4 times until 9.

9…. Fresh is sleepy but Fresh needs to be at work for 11am con call.

10…Fresh sucks it up. Hauls ass to work. Gets on useless con call.

1pm….Fresh can’t take it. Leaves work.

3pm….Fresh is going to sleep.

I’ll holla……


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “You sure you cooked it?”

  1. LOL @ we-a-cooka-this-shrimp-for you. You are hilarious.

  2. ROTFLMAO.. see I’m surprised you ain’t go back to see Mr. Hibachi man!!!!

    I hope you feel better!

    Happy New Year

  3. @tired – that’s what he said!!!!!

    @bklyn – oh, I’m going to see Mr. Hibachi. No question about it!!!!

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