5 things you don’t know…..

Damnit, despite trying to hide out, I’ve been tagged by the infamous Single Ma.

So now I have to share 5 things about me that you don’t know. In other words, I’m about to put you all up in my bidness……Where shall I start…hmmm…..well…there was that one time…at band camp….let me stop. I’ve never been to no damn band camp…….Okay, here we go:

#1 – Despite the fact that I reconciled with my pops years ago, I still don’t call him Dad, Pop or any other endearing male parental names. I don’t know if it’s a mental block or something but it just doesn’t happen. We’re cool though. We talk on a somewhat regular basis (I mean after all the dude does have a rack of other kids) but the “title” thing…..ehhh….it’s not there yet. I think there’s a notion somewhere in my cerebrum that says dude has to be in my life for “x” years straight before he earns that. You can’t disappear for 10 and expect everything to be peachy. The way I see it, he should be happy I’m not calling him a sperm donor to his face……

#2– I turned down sex from a butterball naked fione ass woman in my bed, legs spread open as I’m about to put it in. WHAT?!?!? Yes, you read it right. Let me repeat it just in case you missed it the first time. I turned down sex from a butterball naked fione ass woman in my bed, with her legs spread open TELLING ME TO COME GET THE P and as I’m about to put it in, I got a change of heart and punked out. I know what you’re thinking…Eh Yo, Fresh, how you gonna do that to the honey? She was all wet and ready…Well sh*t, what about me…I was ready tooooo…damnit…..hard, strapped up and ready to roll son! But the same way she spread those legs for me, was the same way she had spread them for the plethora of dudes before me…..including my roommate at the time and other dudes I knew. So all of that ran through my mind and COMPLETELY turned me off that quick (although “he” had a hard time returning to normal). I wanted no part of her. No part of being another “notch” on her belt.. I shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place but I got caught up thinking with the wrong head. Plus I would have violated my rule. I don’t mess with anyone my friends mess with. No way Jose. So I told her to get dressed. She stayed the night and we stayed up all night just talking about shit including her “lifestyle”. Ain’t that some shit? Here you go thinking you about to get some ass from a dude and he starts preaching? LMAO. All of that talk went in one ear and out the other. Heard she went buckwild a few weeks later and got pregnant. To this day, she doesn’t know who the father is. I actually saw her about a year ago at a mutual friend’s house. She was about to get married, she’s found God and said she had been celibate for like 5 years. Her fiance was there. He confirmed. Guess you gotta live and learn……

#3 -I passed up a 4 year full ride sports scholarship to attend a college in freezing ass upstate NY that I had to pay for. Have you lost your damn mind? I heard that phrase so many times from friends, family, teammates, coaches, etc. But I had my reasons. Unlike the other kids, sports was not my life. It was just a way to curb the amount of time I spent on the streets (notice I said curb because it damn sure didn’t keep me off…that’s another blog). Second, academically the school was mediocre at best. Lastly, it was still in NYC. I wanted to go away to college and experience that and so I did. The school I turned down had budget cuts 2 years later and cut all athletic programs. See y’all I make some smart decisions! (at times)

#4 – Hi, my name is Fresh and I’m addicted to Sweet Ice Tea with no lemon. That stuff is the bomb. It’s better than sex. Sike, let me stop. You can find me in your local 7-11 looking for the Lipton joint (either Sweetened or Extra Sweet) or now Mickey D’s (McDonalds for you slow ones) has some good ass ice tea. Damn them…….

#5 – I have an artsy side to me. Wait…that sounds suspect. Let’s just say I like things like photography, art, books. Yeah that sounds better. I have a real camera, old school, focus, point click, advance the film joint in my closet. I used to be a big reader of people like Eric Jerome Dickey, Colin Channer, E. Lynn Harris (no I don’t swing that way but I respect dude’s writing style), Pearl Cleage, Mary Marrison, Zane…the list goes on. I even started writing a book at one point. Haven’t done either lately though. I’ve read more books focused on finances and investing.

There you have it. 5 things. I tried to keep it clean 🙂


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “5 things you don’t know…..”

  1. lol @ #4 – Mickey D’s is definitely onto some good stuff. We may need to go to rehab together. BTW, if in NE DC, never get it from the one on Burroughs Ave. 🙂

  2. #5- I don’t think it is the end of the world if a man likes girly thinks, ever read Eclectic’s blog.
    #1- I think he should understand why you don’t call him dag.
    #4- I love (peach flavored) Lipton tea too.

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