Can’t Keep Running Away….

It’s amazing to me how some people deal with problems.
From my time on this planet, I can categorize them into a couple of different groups:

Group #1- The Internalizers. – These people have NO idea, NO clue, NO anything on how to deal with problems so what they do is internalize it. They eat it, swallow it but they never digest it which means they never shit it out. It just sits there inside of them. You know how when you get gas and it gets your stomach rumbling? You make this face like you just ate raw lemons? That’s what happens with internalizers. They have this look on their face. You know they are pissed but they never ever tell you why. You know how else you can tell if a person is an internalizer? They have health problems like always stressing, high blood pressure, ulcers, depression, shit like that. Their mental equilibrium is off wack. They talk to themselves. They gotta release some way. Mentally or physically. Otherwise, they just carry the attitude until it eventually subsides. The thing is……it NEVER subsides. It just sits there and then more problems come and they sit on top of the previous ones and so forth and so on. So the first problem NEVER gets addressed and now everything is serious and deserves immediate attention.

Group #2 – The Sleevers. These people here- They wear their problems on their sleeve. They mope around. They’re rude to you even though you have NOTHING to do with their issues. You just happened to cross their path that day so you get the privilege of feeling their wrath. Sleevers are funny. They wear ALL of their emotions on there. When they’re happy, you know it When they’re sad, you know it. You can tell by their outfit and colors. They just can’t seem to hide their emotions.

Group #3 – The Sprinters. These people here are on some Carl Lewis, Marion Jones type shit. When they see, encounter a problem, it’s like the starting gun at a track meet just went off. They run as fast as they can to the other side. All you feel is the wind they left behind and the papers floating to the ground. They duck behind any object. The first object they see. Sprinters are straight up scared. So when they run and hide they leave clues. Footprints in the mud or they hide behind something with their feet sticking out. See Sprinters think they’ve outran their problems but all they did was DELAY them. They tabled them until another meeting. But the problem isn’t stupid. It’ll come back up again. It may not be in the same way as before. It may take on a different shape, life, form but it’ll be back. It will RESURFACE. And the Sprinters will run again..but eventually they’ll run out of breath….

Group #4 – The Magnets. These people right here -They attract issues. They attract drama. Problems are their best friend, not you……Problems. It always seems like they in some shit or going through some shit. Every night you get a phone call or email asking for advice. It gets to the point where it’s irritating (to you). But Magnets – they don’t see what the problem is or why you’re frustrated. Magnets are self-centered too. They never want to hear your problem and if they do, their problem takes precedence. You probably need to AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS especially if you’re a positive forward moving person. Magnets are infectious people. They’ll suck you in and all of a sudden their issues become your issues. Ever deal with someone and get a call from their ex? Yeah…uh huh……You know the funny thing about Magnets? They say stuff like “Every man/woman I meet has issues” They NEVER believe the problem is their own fault.

Group#5 – The Warrior. Now these people right here – they’re special. They look at problems as challenges or lessons. Their attitude is basically like “Fcuk you Problem, I’m getting past you by any means necessary” Now THAT’S the person you want to be. When Warriors get rid of problems, they get rid of them. They don’t resurface. They’re dead, done, kapootz. Warriors are real strong-minded and tend to focus all their energy on the problem at hand. They get tunnel vision and that could be their weakness and could be exploited but I don’t think the average person could see it. You know how you can tell a Warrior? They are unfazed. Nothing disrupts them. They get the job done.

I used to be a Sprinter but then as I grew up and matured, I became more of a Warrior with Internalizer tendencies. 🙂 I’m still trying to shake that Internalizing shit. 25% of me is still stuck in that phase and it usually surfaces when I feel the need to hold my tongue because it might get me in trouble. Again, this is just my opinion of where I think people stand. I group people into these categories so I know how to deal with them. I know I can throw anything at my Warrior friends because they give me unprecedented, uncut, raw advice. I give my Internalizing friends questions to ponder. They hit me with the…”let me think about it and get back to you” All the Magnets are out my life. Ruin your own damn life. Fuggas.

I don’t even know why I wrote this entry…………actually I do. I watch people…not on some peeping Tom shit but I study them. How they are around me. How they handle situations and it’s like my brain records it. So the minute something is not the same, I know something is up. Immediately without them ever saying a word. One of my peoples asked me for advice today. She’s a Sleever. It was obvious from the minute we talked that she was going through some shit. It was written all over her face. So hopefully I helped her and others out.

Which one are you? Can you look at yourself and honestly say how you deal with problems?


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 20, 2006.

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