Corporate Holiday Party……

I’m boycotting.

Eh, maybe that’s too strong of a word.

I’m just not going. I’m not up for the socializing.

Not up for the brown nosing.

Here’s what my VP says: “You should go and make sure you get some face time with the CEO and CTO and other VPs”

Here’s what my direct boss says: You should go and make sure you get some fact time with our VP, the CEO and CTO”

I’ve had more communication with those VPs, CEO, CTO this past year than I’ve had the whole time there.

They’re FORCING my co-worker to go. They hit him with the same script but made it mandatory. Almost like his career depended on it.

Now I’ll admit, a good pucker here and there may help career advancement but making it mandatory is a little ridiculous for me.

I’m cut from a different mold. I’m not a backside pucker boy. It’s just not my style for some reason. Yeah you sign my check but that should be based on how well I do at work, not how well I kiss your backside. Damn good ole boy network is fugged up.

I’m cut from a different mold. You know how there is a separation between church and state. Well, I say there should be a separation between work and home. Work is work. Home is home. Occasionally they’ll mix. I have to bring work home with me. Or I have some home things to do at work. But I don’t like to talk about the other when I’m at a place. We all have that co-worker who tells you EVERYTHING about what’s going on at home. I feel like I’m apart of dude’s family. I’m that 2nd cousin or something. It’s crazy. The most he knows about me is based on the pictures on my desk. That’s it.

I’m not up for the gossiping bullshuckas that takes place there although at times it can be entertaining. Plus I’m sure I’ll hear about it on Monday. I can put my money on at least 3 women who will wear something scandalous striving to replace the ghetto ass receptionist we had a few years back whose DD’s attracted every dude’s eyeballs and whose dancing almost made those same DD’s pop out. Rumor has it she popped them out for someone in the backseat of a jeep AFTER the party. (by the way, she was fired 2 months later)

So for all of that….. I’m gonna pass on this one…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 14, 2006.

3 Responses to “Corporate Holiday Party……”

  1. My situation is a bit murky…I survived the division holiday party this week. I didn’t do the 15 superficial 5 minute convos with people while juggling the small ass saucers, two napkins and a small ass cup of coke.

    I skipped lunch…skipped the lame ass “getting to know you” game…and made a B-Line for the nearest chair next to a table. I sat my black ass down and of course was friendly to whom ever came by. I hate all that bullshit!

  2. I totally ignored the holiday party this year and last year. I spend 8 hours a day with you, damn I do not need to spend anymore.

  3. @divine – I’m telling you. It’s that bullshuckas that gets to me.

    @tired – I feel the same way. 8 hours (sometimes more) with you a day and now you want to chill. Nah son….We ain’t cool like that…

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