Style Mistakes…

I’m in no way a fashion expert but like most people, I like to look good when I dress, no matter the occasion. Sure sometimes I feel like GQ’ing it up but there are times I feel like thuggin’ it out too. It depends. With that being said, I just read an article in Men’s Health in which women pointed out the biggest style mistakes that men make. Here they go: (along with their commentary and mine – what you think I had nothing to say?!?!?!)

Mistake #1:Our sweaters/jeans (hell clothes) are too bulky and baggy: ….Women want a hint of what lies beneath, not a saggy shapeless tent…..

I say: There’s no way in hell I’m wearing some jeans that hug my ass and nutsack but hey, I can understand the fact that baggy jeans do not appeal. You ever see guys whose jeans are so baggy they have to alter their walk just to make sure they don’t fall of their ass? Crazy. The sweater/shirt thing – ehh- I guess they’re right there too. For years I would fake myself out to think that I would “grow” into clothes. Truth is, my growth spurt ended YEARS ago and all that money I spent on bigger clothes went to waste. My advice to the fellas (and women who shop for them). Know your size. Every piece of clothing fits differently. Go to a tailor and get measured so you know what your suit size is (please fellas own at least one suit), know the different kinds of cuts for jeans and shirts. Some stores still go by M, L, XL. Others have shirts based on your neck (15 1/2, 16, 16 1/2) and arm length (32/33, 33/34) yes one sleeve is typically longer than the other. Just like women know exactly how clothes will fit them, you should too. After all, you’re walking down the street with her right?

Mistake#2: Our business casual look is boring: Casual doesn’t mean lazy, women said. You have pants that aren’t khaki, you have shirts that aren’t blue. Think creative layers: a textured sweater, a surprising color, a striking watch…………

I say: Damn. This is a good one too. The office environment at work is business casual and dudes look like clones. I mean I would see a look on a mannequin at Banana Republic and come into work and see dudes rocking the same thing. Whatever floats your boat. Just mix it up a bit sometimes.

Mistake #3: Hide the gadgets: It’s totally acceptable-necessary, even-for men to carry a messenger-style bag to manage the modern clutter of a PDA, MP3….blah blah blah….

I say: I don’t really see this too often except when I’m in an airport and even then I think it’s somewhat acceptable. I did have someone tell me that she thought carrying a cell phone on your hip, belt-clip attached was a thing of the past. Where else am I supposed to put that big ass Treo of mine?!?!?! In my pocket?!?!?! (Side note: Hey you people over at Palm, make the Treo slimmer. Damnit. All those other people passing us up. They gonna make me get a Crackberry or a Motorola Q.)

Mistake #4: Men tend to underdress for parties: Don’t even ask her, “What should I wear?”. Strike an effortless balance between casual and dressy………Also…..women say we blow the effect with out-of-date, scuffed shoes.

I say: A couple of things. First, my mother taught me early that one of the first things a woman looks at is your shoes. Thank you Ma Dukes. Second, how many ladies have ever gone out on a date, dressed to impress only to meet the dude and see he’s no where ready for the occasion? That shit is embarrassing – so I hear. Maybe they’re right. Maybe you shouldn’t ask “What should I wear?” BUT you can ask “What are you wearing?” and if she bites and tells you, then you can plan what you will wear (although usually, sometimes, women will base their decisions on what you’re wearing to limit the “clash”). Or maybe you can ask about the event like where it’s being held. That too, can give you an indication of what you could wear.

Mistake #5: We don’t wear enough color…….

I say: You damn right. For a while my whole wardrobe looked like I was going to a funeral. Dark ass dreary colors. Black, dark blue, dark gray. You mean there are other colors?!?!?!? The older I got, the more open I became to other colors. Two things have to happen here. The guy has be ready to accept the new color AND a woman has to compliment him on it. It’ll make him feel better. So ladies if you’re buying your man a new color to rock, when he puts it on, compliment “baby you look good”, hell give him some. Trust me, he’ll rock that color again and probably buy other things that color. LOL. True story. I had a co-worker crack on me one day because I was wearing a rust colored shirt. Not orange. Rust. (he called it orange). One of the “eye candy” at work gave me a compliment on my shirt while he was standing there unleashing on me (by the way, I unleashed back-I only let you get so far). Next week, guess who had a rust sweater? Punk ass. Oh by the way, not every color looks good on everyone…that goes for men and women….

Mistake #6: Suits aren’t tailored properly:
An expensive suit that isn’t tailored well looks cheap and an inexpensive one that fits correctly looks more expensive…..and the tie… crucial.

I say: Word up. I was guilty too. Fellas, find a good ass tailor. Not one of those I’ll have your shit ready in two minutes tailors. I’m talking about someone who walks around with a tape measure around their neck. If they make suits, they know how to fix them. Suits are complex. Scientifically complex like the periodic table. Your suit jacket sleeve length needs to be properly aligned with your shirt length. The pants must fall and break correctly. You want them cuffed? How much? Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

I’m sure there are more mistakes that we (men) make but these are the ones the mag listed. If you have any more , let me know. It’s also interesting to hear what people think about style. One last note, not everybody really gives a f*ck about how they look or people think they look, so ladies, assess that shit before you spend some loot.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on December 2, 2006.

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