Say Thank You.

With almost every blog giving thanks this week, I thought I’d follow suit. I mean, it is Thanksgiving right?

So let’s get it poppin……

I want to thank the designers of Seven for All Mankind, Miss Sixty, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion and Rock Republic for making black women backsides look oooooh so damn delicious (as if some of y’all really needed help). Now if some you designers would stop discriminating against the thick women, I’ll really be good…..

I want to thank the person that invented DVD’s, TiVo and the remote control. DVD’s let me go right to my favorite scene in the porn movie I’m watching without having to sit through and fast forward that b-i. What? Act like you don’t do it. Zoom. Is that a nipple? (Speaking of nipples, I’m thankful for breasts too) Ahhh…..TiVo…what can I say? The best invention known to mankind since the remote control. Pausing TV. Are you f*cking kidding me?!?! That shit is ingenious.

I want to thank the HR dept in my job for finally hiring some eye candy. I mean damn. We had nothing. It’s about time. It was like jail up in that piece. Nothing but dudes and women who look like dudes. C’mon! You gotta make me look forward to sitting in traffic and coming up in that joint. So thank you HR. Ya done good! (No I will say name or name the positions they hold – some of them read this joint)

To all of my ex-girlfriends, playmates, fuck buddies, friends with benefits, etc….I say thank you. Each of you taught me something about love, sex, relationships, drama whatever and even though some of y’all are f*ckin psychotic, I still appreciate all the experiences I gained from it. Nah I’m serious.

Which brings me to next one. I’m thankful for my common sense which told me to get the hell out of the above mentioned situations. 🙂 Man, my common sense has failed me at times, got in trouble, made me fall into some pu….ummm….shit, well, we wont get into that but for the most part, my common sense got me through some times. Like when it told me, Fresh, don’t get in that car – some shit just ain’t right – and it wasn’t ’cause five minutes later he was pulled over and they found kilos of coke and weapons in his trunk.

To Brooklyn, NYC – I know what you’re all thinking. You’re giving thanks to a city?!?!?! Damn skippy. I won’t even get into it because this blog entry would go on forever but there’s no way I would be the person I am now without the shit I went through growing up in BK. And that’s real…

Seriously though…..

There is a lot I’m thankful for including the obvious. My family (I live for y’all), my health (I live for me), my friends especially KJSL….y’all are my heart fo’ real. We ’bout to ride this shit till the wheels fall off……

Everyone else out there in internet land…much love.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 21, 2006.

2 Responses to “Say Thank You.”

  1. You are off the hook. I guess men will be men.

  2. Yes we will 🙂

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