My damn tax dollars

Interesting article in the Washington Post today….

Apparently some of my fellow government officials in PG County have decided to charge a few things to their county credit cards for personal expenses.

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It’s a long article. Let me summarize.

You’re a Prince Georges County official. You, like in most places, get a corporate card. The corporate card is for use for work-related expenses. Business expenses. Not personal expenses.

Business expense = You go out of town for work and buy a plane ticket.

Personal expense = You buy a new pair of shoes for work.

There is a difference.

Now according to the article, in PG County, these people are supposed to “pay the county” back by writing a check to pay off their expense. But some of those mofo’s seemed to missed that part.


$37.99 for a shirt

$21 for a haircut

$520 golf outing (okay, maybe this one passes)

Plane tickets for their son to come home from college.

Other various things.

The funny thing about this article is every single person they asked about these expenses caught a sudden case of amnesia. Huh? What? What charges? Everytime they tried to find proof, it wasn’t available. Either that or the person said they paid it back. C’mon man. Let’s be real.

You should hear some of these excuses.

“I didn’t have enough cash so I used my corporate card”

“I lost my personal credit card, so I used the corporate card”

C’mon. Is that the best you can come up with? Most people carry all of their credit cards together. When I had a corporate card, I didn’t have a separate wallet for that. No. It was in the same wallet with my personal card. Then there are all these discrepancies of what was charged and what they said they charged.

It’s just a mess. I would say lets have the County Executive settle this and propose any necessary punishments BUT this dude is guilty himself buying first class tickets and crap. Just a mess.

Now I can’t front, I charged a few things on my corporate card but I paid that shit back and kept proof. (I don’t trust people saying something like I owe them money). With that corporate card, they had blocks. I went into Modell’s once to buy something and that shit was denied. Truth is I gave them my corporate card by accident.

If you ask me, some of these council members probably have bad credit or maxed out personal cards. Look, if you’re a public official, understand you’re going to be in the public eye AND under scrutiny for shit like this. So watch what you do. If they find out shit about what a would-be Senator said 20 years ago, they can definitely find out that your ass didn’t pay a bill.

I wish this shit would’ve came out before the elections…….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “My damn tax dollars”

  1. Of course…maybe I should become a politican!

  2. I’m in the wrong business.

    I could buy all the sex toys my little heart desires and just charge it to the citizens AND use it as a tax write off probably!

    Damn it!

  3. I think I need to become a politican to so I can get my bags for free.

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