Damn po po….

Early Saturday night. PG County, MD.

I’m driving down a somewhat well-lit road headed home. Just finished picking up a CD from Circuit City. Got the little one in the backseat. We’re jamming to some song on the radio.

All of a sudden….

Flashing lights on my tail. Sirens.

I check the speedometer. 40 mph. I check the speed limit sign. 40 mph.

I pull over. They pull behind me. Bright ass lights.

Daughter asks what’s wrong daddy? What’s going on? Hell if I know baby….

Roll down the window. He’s up on me. Flashlight. His counterpart walks around the car.

License and registration.

Questions: Is this your car? Where you headed?

Answers provided. Short and to the point although I’m past curious.

Peek inside the car. Nothing but John Legend in the passenger seat. 5 year old in the back.

Steps away. Counterpart finished his “car walk”.

Cars drive by. Slowing down to pass me. Probably passing judgement.

Minutes later. Mr Cop returns.


License plate lights are out. You’ve got to be kidding me. 15 days to fix or face registration suspension or some shit.

End of ordeal.

Arrive at home after being interrogated by the little one. Everything’s cool. She was probably nervous. I wasn’t. Can’t let your kid see fear.

Get out the car. License plate lights are shining bright. Some bullshit.

Black man. Nice black car. Tinted windows. Black cop. Black neighborhood.

Perfect formula for a random spot check.

Till he sees the little one.

Jokes on you fucka.

She didn’t save me. She saved your ass a lawsuit.

Here’s my dedication.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 15, 2006.

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