Human Papillomavirus

HPV for short.

I read an article in today’s Washington Post Health section that spoke about the fact that now there’s a vaccine – Gardasil – available for young girls and women age 9 to 26 to help prevent HPV.

To read more about HPV, click here.

HPV, rather a genital HPV infection can essentially lead to cervical cancer and currently with the vaccine, many parents are faced with the decision of having their daughter get vaccinated at an early age or later in their life. Right now, the vaccination is expensive (i.e a few hundred bucks) but that doesn’t seem to stop certain parents. Some insurance companies cover the vaccination. Others have yet to latch on.

Here’s the debate. Do you get your child vaccinated? At what age? Are you promoting sex? Will a teenager get vaccinated and say okay, time to start sexing? Is it the equivalent of giving your child condoms?

As a parent of a daughter, I gotta be honest. Sh*t like this is scary. Worse than early pregnancy. I’ve got a few years to think about this but what do you do? Maybe I take her to the doctor and tell her it’s a flu shot?!?!? Who knows?!?!? And when do you do it? How do you know when your child is sexually active? It’s a guessing game. Do you tell them the minute they start puberty?

Those of you who have sons or are men, there is currently no way to detect if you are carrying the virus. In fact, the CDC estimates that approx 20 million people are infected. Crazy.

In any case, I think EDUCATION is the key. When you start talking about the birds and bees, you gotta talk about everything that’s associated with it. Don’t skip the topic.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on November 7, 2006.

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  1. Right, Right!

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