Vote for who is best……

Almost a week away from election day and the candidates are in full stride with their campaigns. They have commercials. They have signs EVERYWHERE. Are you a Democrat? Are you a Republican? Vote for me! My education plan calls for better schools! Vote for me for my stand on health reform! Vote for me because I’m lying out of my ass and you know it!

The race for Maryland senator is even more interesting. Ben Cardin (D) vs. Michael Steele (R). Ben Cardin earned his right to compete in this election because he defeated Kwesi Mfume in a very close primary election, so now he faces Michael Steele (the man in the picture). Michael Steele is currently Maryland’s Lt. Governor.

I’m going to get into where each one stands on certain issues but I will mention a word or two on their campaigning tactics.

During the primary’s, Michael Steele tried to call out Kwesi Mfume for saying that he was or should not play the race card but during his recent campaign, I feel like he’s doing the same thing. It’s not direct. He’s not screaming “Hey vote for me I’m black but indirectly those are the statements. About a month and a half ago, I saw this dude in a shopping center and he gives me a pamphlet and says we can make history. Not what exactly did he mean by “we”? “We” being African-American or “We” being him and the Republicans? I took it as one of those universal statements that black people make too each other. It’s like the unspoken head nod I give another brother when I see them.

Lately I’ve heard/seen more marketing advertisements from him from the likes of people like Russell Simmons, black preachers and religious leaders, Don King and even Mike Tyson. All endorsing Mr. Steele. I’m sorry, Don King and CERTAINLY NOT Mike Tyson can convince me to vote for ANY candidate (Oh FYI…Mike Tyson is his former brother-in-law and you can only imagine how that conversation went.)

Steele: Hey Iron Mike, it’s Steele
Tyson (with his lisp): Steele?!?!? Aww shucks man, look I told your sister I’ll pay child support as soon as I get some money man.
Steele: No No…look man I’m not calling about that. I need a favor.
Tyson: Oh ok. What you need?
Steele: Well you know I’m running for Senator right? So I need you to endorse me.
Tyson: En-what?
Steele: Endorse. It’s like support. Sponsor. We’ll do a radio commercial. I’ll tell you exactly what to say.
Tyson: Oh ok. Yeah no doubt. Do you want me to fight for you too? Ummmm…any money involved?
Steele: I’ll pay you. No fights necessary
Tyson: Hey Steele. Don’t tell your sister you spoke to me. 🙂

So election day comes, what do you do? Do you vote for the one who most resembles you in terms of looks but whose views are at the other end of the spectrum from yours? Or do you stick with your affiliated party? Do “we” help him make history?

My advice. Vote for who is best. Do your research on the candidates and make your own decision. Don’t listen to who is endorsing someone. They were paid to “say a few words” Read the papers. See where the candidates stand. Just whatever you do, vote for who you believe it best.

By the way, according to today’s Washington Post, despite his efforts, Mr. Steele is still only expected to get approx 11% of the African-American vote.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 26, 2006.

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