Can you please just leave me the hell alone.??? Please……

For some reason, I’ve been on edge all day today. Nah, actually, I know why. I had to get to work by 9am this morning and I managed to sit in fucking traffic forever. Can some explain to me why people can’t drive as soon as one damn drop of precipitation falls from the sky?!?!?!?! Please……explain…….

Granted my commute is fucked up as it is when it’s sunny out, but it gets 100 times worse when it rains. And it doesn’t have to be a heavy rain. It could be some damn misty rain and all of the sudden, there are back ups out the ass, accidents and a whole bunch of other shit no one wants to deal with first thing in the morning. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing an accident. Nothing major but I saw it coming a mile away. Said person – female- decides that her fucking CRACKBERRY (read: Blackberry) was more important than the car in front of her. Granted it was stop and go traffic but when you’re checking email, responding to text messages and just not paying attention, you’re going to GO when everyone else STOPS So she goes. We’ve all stopped. She continues to go right into the back of the car in front of her and don’t know you, she had the nerve to get out pissed. I was soooooooooo ready to wait around for the police and tell them exactly what I saw. Some people can’t multi-task. Yes. You. The driver in the Camry with the micro-braids checking your Crackberry. You can’t drive. You can’t multi-task. You probably couldn’t rub your stomach and tap your head at the same time. That should’ve been a lesson to you.

*Side note on the blackberry* It’s like having a pager in the 90’s. Some people REALLY needed them. Doctors, etc. The people who need to get in contact with others or vice versa. A lot of you have blackberry’s and don’t need the shit. Why would you have a blackberry and all you do is check your gmail? You don’t have a calendar? Your job doesn’t even have email (i.e. you work in retail) No offense. But after a relative of mine who’s not out of high school got a blackberry for her brithday, I damn near lost it. *End side note rant on blackberry

Anyway, the blackberry chick gets out the car and realized that not only had she pissed everyone in back of her off but she knew that bitchin’ to the other car’s owner would’ve done her NO DAMN GOOD. (Yes, even going less than 10 miles/hour can cause damage to your car when YOU hit the other person)

So because of her and other incidents, I get to work a few minutes late. Not 20. Not 30. A few. Like 5. So I’m late for my 9am conference call and don’t you know as soon as I get out of the elevator, I hear a smart ass comment. “Hey, nice of you to join us today”

Motherfuckin’ bitch ass!!!! You live 2 mins from the office. You know what I deal with on a daily basis. Do me a favor. Shut the fuck up and please…just leave me the hell alone…..


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 20, 2006.

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