H to the Izzo…Hell to the Nizzzooooo

First, the Jigga man says screw this corporate America stuff, it’s time to start spitting verses again (which I have no problem with. Hey Hov, if you’re reading this – which I know you’re not, please don’t come off wack and uhh, tell ‘B’ I said wassup). Then my man tries to go on tour and China puts the smack down on him.

Basically, China’s Culture Ministry said “Nah son, you ain’t coming up in my spot rapping about drugs and saying all that “vulgar language”. So Jigga man got shut down. But that article got me to thinking……

What if someone with some power here in the US did the same thing? Someone like Cathy Hughes? What if she said, you know what I don’t want any of this stuff playing on my radio stations? What if Steve Jobs said we’re not putting this stuff on iTunes? What if promoters said they wouldn’t hold any concerts for artists with degrading lyrics? What if businesses stop sponsoring artists?

With no backing, no corporate sponsorship, no airplay, would it force artists to change their style and become more socially responsible? More sensible? Or will it just create a black market equivalent to that of moonshine?

If you think about it, music is trendy. Trend sell records. The more sales. The more revenue. Businesses are happy. The artist gets a check. He/She is happy and spends it on a “grill”. So neither of the two may give two cents over what is portrayed. It’s the life vs. art debate. But what if The Game or 50 cent came out in the late 80’s when rap music was more afro-centric, would their music reflect it? What if Tribe called Quest came out now? Would they be A Gang Called Quest? What if artists can still make a million dollars speaking about something positive and having videos where girls actually wear clothes ( a pipe dream I know and definitely another topic). Would they do it? I know Spellman shut down Nelly a few years back and Essence held a ‘Take back our music’ campaign but all that was like a fly in the artists’ face. They just swatted it away.

I know this is a reach and I know you have those 1st Amendment arguments but when does enough become too much. It’s all about the paper chase. All about the benjamins right and as long as big businesses run America, whatever produces a dollar is what we will adhere to. Sad….


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 11, 2006.

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