Fall is here!

Now that Detroit smacked the piss out of my Yankees, I can only celebrate one thing. As I stepped out my front door this weekend about to head the gym, I was quickly awoken by the cold chill in the air. This meant one thing and one thing only. FALL IS HERE. I can’t front, Fall is one of, if not, the, favorite season of mine.

Fall is for FOOTBALL and even though my team (The JETS) aren’t doing so well decent but I still like watching football especially since I’ve been thrust into the wonderful world of fantasy football. Hey, when there’s a cash prize involved and I’m a previous winner, I will return. Right now I’m 3-2 for those that care.

Fall is also for…..FASHION. Don’t know if you noticed but it always seems like the hottest styles come out in the fall. I’m big on clothes, not huge but big. Any woman that knows how to dress gets a second, third, fourth look from me (sometimes even a fifth, sixth…you get the point). In the summer ,it’s like let’s throw on a t-shirt and jeans. Don’t get me wrong, this summer was kind of hot (no pun intended) for some reason. The shorts and the heels – that was a good look. In the fall, you got put a little more thought into it and you have more layers to coordinate. Fellas can rock the blazers or just go hard with a suit. Ladies, can rock the jeans or wide leg slacks with some boots and a short leather. It’s just beautiful…….

And the biggest thing Fall is for……FEET. Yes FEET. Fall means cool temperatures which means, everyone can put their DAMN FEET AWAY. Feet are ugly. Bottom line. I don’t care if you get a pedicure every damn day. They’re still ugly. There’s a reason why God gave us shoes. It is to keep feet inside of them. God knew feet were ugly. So yes, feet, feet go away, come around another day,year, whatever and ladies, it’s time to cop the hot pair of boots! Last year it was the cowboy boot joints. Who the hell knows what it’ll be thise year. But it’s all good.

There is one bad thing about the fall though…Next up….Winter….my least favorite season 😦


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on October 9, 2006.

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