The REAL Hip Hop Hip Hop….

Let me set the scene for you. Last Friday. Love NightClub. Washington, DC.

Tribe Called Quest.

Really, that’s all I have to say.

Tribe is on their “reunion” tour and as a real hip hop lover and Tribe fan growing up, I had to go. Couldn’t resist. Why turn down such an opportunity?!?!?! Let me real here. They kilt it (yes I said kilt – it’s how we black people sound when we say “killed” real quick). They did all their joints. Bonita Applebum, Can I kick it? Check the Rhyme, Award Tour, you name it. I can’t lie, I had a blast. Definitely one of the best hip hop concerts I’ve been too EVER. EVER. (no disrespect to KRS-One, Run DMC, Whodini and the rest of the Fresh Fest crew)

They took me back. Had me reminiscing to the days growing up in Brooklyn riding the 2, 5 or A train or riding the B41, B44 with my backpack, Starter Jacket, Girbaud jeans, Hilfiger shirts and walkman (yes walkman, not ipod) Remember when you had to “record” songs off the radio. You’d sit there with you cassette ready (60 or 90 minute TDK joint) and as soon as your song came on, you hit that red record button and attempt to get it on tape. And just when you’re happy as a fly in shit that you got that new Big Daddy Kane song, the damn DJ comes on and f-cks up everything! You remember that? You remember plastering your walls with posters and pull-outs from Right On Magazine, the joint you bought at the corner store along with your Wise BBQ potato chips, quarter water and Bazooka gum?!?!?! I’m showing my age here but that’s the place I was at during this concert and when you can go back like that, you know the music is good. Music today? It’s bullshit. Plain and simple. Some damn chicken-noodle-soup farcas. Got wack ass Fergie fcuking up a nursery rhyme and most rap music sounds the damn same. I-got-guns-I-got-ice-I-got-bitches-I-got-rims-we-ballin’- bullshit. Maybe it’s my age. Who knows but not once during the concert did I hear about guns, ice or rims.

It was real. REAL HIP HOP.

To all the artists that are keeping it legit, thank you. And for all of you who missed the concert, Rakim is coming this Saturday!!!! Here’s a memory for you. Enjoy.


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 27, 2006.

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