His Sexy Love….. (Explicit)

I wasn’t going to post this at first but I just couldn’t resist. Now some of you may say it’s nasty and get turned off by this but hey, it is what it is. I came across this pic on the web and it’s damn crazy. Another celebrity involved in another what seemed to be “private” sexual act.

I don’t know if it’s a case of people don’t learn or what. These acts are private and usually stolen in an act to blackmail or whatever. It’s not like paparazzi are following them but it’s still CRAZY.

Let’s see….first it was Jayne Kennedy and her man getting down on dirty but that was pre-Al Gore invented the internet-days. Most cats didn’t have VCRs so it didn’t circulate as much. Then, I remember Pamela Anderson, then Paris Hilton…Oh…can’t forget Mr.Trapped in the Closet himself R. Kelly who swore that wasn’t him while he’s adjusting the camera lens. Then there was Trina with her tape and Eve and her apparent sex tape AND photo. Although her tape was removed -supposedly- her photo still remains……Now it’s Ne-Yo getting his sexy love on with a backup dancer.

So hmmmm….lets do something real quick. Let’s put me in his shoes 🙂 I’m a celebrity. I got a backup dancer who I have my eye on. She’s coming at me hard. We on tour. We get a day off. She comes to my room. Next thing I know (because usually that’s the way it happens with men. We remember the beginning and the end but NEVER the middle. It’s usually when we start thinking with our OTHER head). Anyway, this dancer begins to “make me smart” and I say, damn, this is so good that I need a picture of this. Now what will I do with this picture? Show my boys? Prolly. Show my baby mama? Nah. Show Ms. Dancer? Maybe. So I snap the picture. Ahhhh, nice photo. Will you look at her bubble? Yeah I’m definitely keeping this one. So we’re done. Now we’re at rehearsal or some shit. I need a break. I put my SK3 down and leave the area not remembering that I got this pic in there. Here comes dancer #2 who didn’t want to get with me (doesn’t she know I’m Ne-YO?!?!?!). She picks up my SK3 and finds the pic. Here comes the blackmail……

I’m not saying that’s how it happened. He said his SK3 was hacked. Well guess what Ne-Yo, so was Paris Hilton’s. Can’t help ya there. But when people make these things – take videos, photos, etc., I guess it’s the heat of the moment that makes them forget that maybe, just maybe, me and the other person might not work out and they could release this stuff. Who knows?

Unless you’re in their shoes, you really can’t speak on it. And hey, let’s not forget about the dancer’s side of the story because I’m sure there is one. I hope they enjoyed it. And her and Ms. Lewinsky can chat, trade secrets. ( I know..that was foul)….

Anyway, it’ll all die down soon enough.

Hey Ne-Yo…Keep your head up (sorry, bad joke, couldn’t resist!)

**photo courtesy of concreteloop.com**


~ by alwaysfunkyfresh on September 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “His Sexy Love….. (Explicit)”

  1. Where is the sexy love picture?

    * I need more explicit in my life!*

  2. Make me smart?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO x 5, right now. I don’t even know how I ended up here. But thanx for the laugh! LMAO!

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